You don’t need to be a computer genius to have heard of Bitcoin by now, and thanks to our dedicated Bitcoin category, nor do you have to be a computer genius to use them at mobile casinos! In our endless endeavour to equip you with information on all your banking choices, we’ve been looking at how the revolutionary cryptocurrency can be exploited to make your deposits and withdrawals as effort free as possible.

Bitcoin is an exciting new electronic currency which has only recently entered the world of mobile casinos. Recognising the potential of the new currency, several UK mobile casinos have already started providing an option to deposit / withdraw with this currency, and we have even seen the launch of a hand-full of casinos which accept only Bitcoin!

Because of the unique and fluctuating nature of Bitcoin, we don’t look only at where accepts them and how they work, but also keep an eye on the current news concerning the brand new deposit method, as it negotiates its way into mobile casinos. Find out all about Bitcoin banking at mobile casinos here.

Guide to Bitcoin: An Overview of Bitcoin for Mobile Casinos

Bitcoin coin logo goldHello and welcome to my overview of Bitcoin for mobile casinos! The purpose of this guide is to answer some important questions about Bitcoin such as:

What is Bitcoin?
Why should I use it for mobile gambling?
How do I use it to gamble?

So without further ado, let us delve into the world of the decentralised peer-to-peer cryptocurrency and get you ready for a truly immersive gambling experience!
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The London Bitcoin Forum Scam: How People were Duped

london_scam-1Some of our readers may have heard of the upcoming London Bitcoin Forum which was supposed to take place next week (23rd-24th March) at the QEII Centre in London. Many websites dedicated to all things Bitcoin have advertised the event under the impression that it is, indeed, real. However, reports have brought to light some upsetting news — this London Bitcoin Forum is very likely a scam. And many people have already been duped.  Continue reading

Betcoin Announce Bitcoin Based Mobile Platform

betcoin poker logo

Betcoin has announced its new Bitcoin based Poker platform. The poker service will allow customers to place bets using the Bitcoin virtual currency. To celebrate the launch of the new service, Betcoin are running a few great promotions to attract new players.

Currently, Betcoin are running the service with a 0% rake on the tables. This means more winnings go to the players for the time being. On top of that, Betcoin is rolling out a Bitcoin Poker Freeroll campaign, worth hundreds of Bitcoin.

Bet with bitcoin at betcoin Poker!

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Is Bitcoin an Environmentally Unsustainable Currency?

Triangular sign with Bitcoin logo and pickaxeThe idea that a digital currency is less sustainable than all the plastic cards, metal coins and pieces of paper with people’s faces on that we currently use to buy things seems a little ridiculous. But is it?

One of the biggest costs for any business, which relies on large servers or mass-computing power is computer cooling, and these systems use a heck of a lot of energy. So can Bitcoin ever reduce its clumsy carbon footprint? Continue reading

New Casino on the Bitcoin Block: Vegas Casino Bitcoin Mobile CasinoA new Bitcoin casino has entered the market, hoping to dazzle you with its great range of mobile slots games, live table games and superb customer service.

Vegas Casino might be the new kid on the Bitcoin block but it appears as comfortable as many of the industry leaders in providing a seamless gaming experience, and they team behind the new site have ambitions of expanding into  various different aspects of the casino market. Continue reading

Bitcoin Conference Promises Interesting Gaming Debate

Bitcoin on Mobile DevicesThere’s no doubt in the minds of most players and many casinos that Bitcoin is a feature of mobile gambling that’s here to stay. If you wanted to gamble online or on your mobile using Bitcoin a year ago, your choices would have been severely limited. However, today Bitcoin games and casinos are varied and interesting. While this transition has been gradual, a big indication that the tide is changing will come in 10 days’ time, when the Global Bitcoin Conference in Prague will focus an entire section of the conference on the use of Bitcoin in mobile gambling. Continue reading

New Competitive Bitcoin Gaming Platform: BitPlay Network

Pile of BitcoinsMany people see Bitcoin as the future of mobile gaming (if not the future of the economy as a whole), and since the launch of the first Bitcoin casinos in the last couple of years, there’s been a ton of innovations that have made it easier to play with the cryptocurrency. This week witnesses another first, as BitPlay Today (a Bitcoin-centric startup) launches the first mobile gaming platform that allows players to compete against each other for Bitcoin: the BitPlay Network. Continue reading

Do or Die: 2015 is the Year for Bitcoin to Prove Itself

Pile of BitcoinsOnline casino users who use Bitcoins to gamble will be familiar with the uncertainty that surrounds this cryptocurrency, which was especially publicised last year. Others may have only heard of a few high profile cases involving Bitcoin fraud and prosecution. It’s true – Bitcoin has had quite a year, fluctuating wildly in value and failing to achieve high numbers of users. So what is in store for the cryptocurrency this year and should we still be using it to play?

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