Comic Strips

We don’t want you thinking it’s always serious, serious, serious here at Droid Slots; after all, mobile casinos are meant to be fun! This is why we’ve created our very own Comic Strip category which contains exclusive comic strip art created by the writers at Droid Slots. Highlighting the funny side of slots, our comic strips are made as an easy respite for bored players.

Humour and satire are the order of the day at Droid Slots, and no aspect of mobile casinos go unscrutinised as we pull apart all the intricacies and absurdities of how mobile slots work to find the humour behind every spin. As with all players we here at Droid Slots have a love/hate relationship with mobile casinos. While we love the excitement they offer, we hate the bureaucracy that gets in the way of our fun – these comic strips are our way of getting our own back on casinos for that.

We like to think that satire is the highest form of flattery, which is why nothing is out of bounds when it comes to our our sense of humour. If you like a chuckle as well as a spin, then you could do a lot worse than checking out our comic strips.

Be My Valentine: Comic Strip by Droid Slots

The day of chocolate hearts, stuffed teddy bears and cheesy bouquets of flowers is almost upon us. While it is keenly enjoyed by many, it’s shunned by the rest as a holiday invented by Hallmark Cards seeking to raise profits in this otherwise uneventful month. Whichever side of this debate you are on, you should hope that you significant other isn’t on the opposite side of the Valentine’s barricades. Otherwise, you have quite an eventful evening ahead of you, for all the wrong reasons…

Be My Valentine - Comic by Droid Slots

All I Want For Christmas: Comic Strip by Droid Slots

Whereas most can’t wait for and love the festive season, others dread it. Opening presents and acting as if you like them even if it is the most useless thing you’ve ever owned certainly frightens us. And with the obligatory gift giving and receiving ritual playing out in your own living room, work place or the homes of your friends and relatives, you must sharpen your acting skills. On the other hand, some surely put in the time and effort to find the perfect gift for you. Who else than your favourite online casino would know exactly what you want this Christmas?

All I want for Christmas comic by Droid Slots

He’s Gaming on My Nerves: Comic Strip By Droid Slots

It’s no secret that gambling online is interesting, entertaining and simply fun, but what’s even better about the online casinos nowadays is that you can play anytime, anywhere. Although you might love playing before night-time in the bed, on the way to work or even in a restaurant on a date night (we truly don’t recommend doing that), you can’t be mad when those around you aren’t as excited as you. And when your significant other starts sleeping with earplugs, that’s when you know it’s time invest in some quality headphones…

He's Gaming on My Nerves Comic

Bitcoin Mining – Comic Strip by Droid Slots

Bitcoins don’t just pop out of thin air, you know? Just like a precious metals they have to be mined. The process involved, however, differs slightly from the canary-in-a-cage techniques of traditional mining. Some people still struggle with this concept…

Bitcoin Mining Comic Strip by Droid SlotsMake sure you don’t get caught out by the confusion by reading up at our Bitcoin section; one of the many sections of Droid Slots dedicated to helping you better understand mobile casino banking options.

Know Your Games – Comic Strip by Droid Slots

The vast selection of games available to you as a player at mobile casinos makes it absolutely essential that you keep on top of things an know what’s on offer. There’s nowhere better than the Droid Slots Games section to introduce you to the newest games, let you know what’s good to play and what’s best avoided, and to help you understand everything to do with the games you play. Don’t end up being the guy who’s never on the ball.

Know your games comic strip by Droid Slots

Here to Help – Comic Strip by Droid Slots

What’s the best thing about Droid Slots? Well that depends on your opinion, but for many of our readers the answer is simple: we are willing and able to answer the questions no one else is. Our Guide category is jam packed full of helpful articles which explain everything from the very basics of using mobile casinos, to the very intricate details of the industry at large. We’re always here to help if you find yourself in need…

Droid Slots 'Here to Help' Guide Comic Strip