Mobile Novelty Games

With increasing frequency, we’re starting to see lots of games appear onto the market place which don’t necessarily fit into the neat categories which have been used for ages. Mobile slots, mobile table games and mobile Bingo all have recognisable cousins in the physical world, but with mobile technology developing at lightning speed, games whose conception is only possible on screen are becoming more prevalent. This is why we present to you our Novelty Games section.

Taking full advantage of the increased functionality on modern mobile devices, next generation mobile gambling games are being developed which take older casino game concepts and turn them on their heads to make something brand new and exciting. These novelty games aren’t for everyone, and many serious players consider them to be a silly distraction, but we at Droid Slots are always big advocates of looking for the element of fun over anything else. If people have fun while playing these slots, then there is reason in itself for us to report on them.

In this category you’ll find all information related to the release of novelty games, including reviews and explanations of how they work. We look for the games with novelty features which work, and those which have proved less successful to work out why.

Putting a New Spin on Slots: Spin 16 by Genii

Genii Spin 16 Game InterfaceNew slots are being developed everyday and some of the largest software developers have multiple new releases per month. Sometimes, the games offer new types of features and have great looking mini-games, but we would hesitate calling that true innovation. Cue Genii Games, a software developer that has taken the intuitiveness of mobile gaming and combined that with enhanced interactivity to create the Spin 16 games. Available exclusively at Leo Vegas Casino, there are currently three games to enjoy, with more on the way. Continue reading

Review: Bubble Craze by IGT

Bubble Craze Slot Logo It was about time someone tapped into the obsessive (and compulsive) craze that the Candy Crush and other similar puzzle games on smartphones are causing. Rightly named, Bubble Craze is the latest release by IGT and we think it would be fair to call it a novelty game. Bordering on the genre of arcade and piggybacking on the success of the smartphone puzzle games, Bubble Craze is bound to gain a massive following because besides being highly addictive, there is also money to be won! And you can find the game at Kerching, which is now also offering a 15K giveaway if you play Bubble Craze this week!

Play Bubble Craze at Kerching

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5 ‘Fusion’ Slots that Rewrite the Rules

Game makers are reimagining slot games and rewriting the rules. We could call them “fusion slots”, although they do not strictly fall into any category. These games merge slots with elements of pop culture; be it a mobile game, TV series or lifestyle. By doing so, mobile casinos capitalise on another item’s popularity, while players get a kick out of seeing their old favourite in a new format. For game creators, the challenge lies in adapting the right elements so that they are still recognisable, yet converting it into a luck-based game. In this post, we’ll celebrate a few of the most innovative. Continue reading