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Though we might not always admit it – claiming instead that we’re just out to have fun – at the back of the minds off all mobile casino players is the hope that one day they’ll be the one to hit the big time and land a progressive jackpot on a high paying slot. At Droid Slots we understand this ambition well, which is why we’ve created a whole section of our Guide category dedicated to making you aware of what jackpot slots are, and where to find the best jackpots.

Jackpot slots aren’t a new concept; in the old days of physical fruit machines, a single machine could store up cash and pay out a relatively large sum to one lucky player. They really came into their own with mobile play however, as a single game could collect small contributions from many players over multiple casinos, and pay out a huge sum in one go. Now that mobile jackpots are reaching into the millions of pounds, it’s more important now than ever before that players understand how they function and where they’re likely to hit.

In this category we’ll explain the inner workings of jackpot slots, and reveal to you the slots to watch if you’re trying to hit the jackpot yourself. Slots hit at different points; some are designed to pay out a few thousand, while others will wait until they’ve a couple of million tucked away – we’ll help you find the most likely slots to drop next, as well as where to find the largest overall jackpots.

Jackpot Watch Video: Biggest Progressive Jackpots – May 2016

Progressive jackpots change constantly and it can be nearly impossible to keep track of which ones you should be bothering to play on. In our new monthly Jackpot Watch series, we find the biggest progressive jackpots of each month and let you know which games they’re on and where you can play them.

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Video: How Progressive Jackpot Slots Actually Work

Progressive jackpots are the biggest wins you can ever hope to strike lucky with at the online casinos. But with additional details comes extra confusion. A lot of players don’t know how they work and have some questions when it comes to progressive jackpots. Why are they progressive? What’s the difference between the mega and mini jackpots? Are they worth playing over regular slots? Can you improve your chances of winning the jackpot?

In our quick video run down, we hope to break down the basics of progressive jackpot slots and give you everything you need to know to get the most out of them.

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Biggest Online Casino Jackpot Wins of All Time – Video

Every few months, we hear yet another story of success as someone manages to get lucky and win a massive online jackpot. But what are the biggest online jackpots of all time? Which slots have been the big winners? And what are the stories behind the winners?

In this video top 5, we’ll bring you the answer to all these questions. If you click the continue reading tag below, we have details and links to every one of the big winning progressive jackpot slots mentioned.

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£2 Million Jackpot Won On Mega Fortune Slot At Casumo

casumo mega fortune winnerNetEnt have had a pretty action packed week. They’ve released their new Guns ‘N Roses slot and had a €3.4 Million win on their Mega Fortune Dreams progressive jackpot slot.

Little under a week later, another huge Netent jackpot has been won at Casumo on Mega Fortune touch. Mega Fortune touch is the sister slot of Mega Fortune dreams, that’s only available on mobile. The total this time? A staggering £2,065,627.

Play Mega Fortune touch at casumo casino Now!

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Mega Fortune Dreams Slot Is The First Big NetEnt Jackpot of 2016

mega fortune dreams slotNetEnt is one of the smaller creators of progressive jackpot slots. They fall far behind in the number of progressive slots they’ve made in comparison to Microgaming or IGT. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t pay just as well. It’s only the first few weeks of 2016 and already NetEnt have managed to create the first millionaire of 2016, for both a NetEnt slot and a progressive slot in general. On the 15th January, an as of yet anonymous player, managed to win €3.4 Million on Mega Fortune Dreams.

Try Mega Fortune Dreams at leo vegas!

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The 8 Most Bizarre Tales of Jackpot Winners

Victoria’s “I Started Playing Slots” series follows her on her journey through the world of real money mobile slots.

Lucky GamblerWe’ve all heard stories of people winning the jackpot. They casually strolled to the slot machine, sat down and luck struck. They walk home with six-figures and went for a holiday; boring! Well, none of those stories are as good as these. Here’s a guy who dreamt of winning in his sleep, went to the casino and won. Another dude who had a lucky lottery ticket but did not realise it. These are the juiciest, most bizarre jackpot stories on the Internet.

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How do Progressive Jackpot Slots Work?

Victoria’s “I Started Playing Slots” series follows her on her journey through the world of real money mobile slots.

Jackpot written on red backgroundProgressive jackpot slots are the celebrities of the slot world. They attract a huge and loyal following of players to the life-changing jackpot numbers and captivating features. Various jackpot analytics blogs have spawned across the Internet as well, with impressive statistics and graphs that track every hit and payout on the Internet. In this article, we’ll investigate the mathematics behind progressive jackpot slots. How does one jackpots gain more popularity than another, and which one should we play? Find out below.

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Biggest Ever Mega Moolah Jackpot up for Grabs!

Mega Moolah LogoMobile casino players throughout the world are on the lookout for a record to be broken. The famous millionaire making slot Mega Moolah’s progressive jackpot is at the point of almost hitting the £7m mark, meaning that if a mobile player wins, they’ll beat the current mobile jackpot record by almost double. With so much to gain, it’s little surprise that players are heading to casinos which feature the game in their thousands, further driving up the jackpot.

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Knight’s Jackpot and Sweet Treats – Huge Probability Jackpots Set to Drop!

Jackpot written on red backgroundRegular readers will know that Droid Slots is not just dedicated to bringing you news of the biggest jackpots, but also the jackpots which are the most realistic for you to land. While there may be some progressive jackpots reaching up in the millions, it’s no good knowing about them unless you stand a realistic chance of landing them. That’s why we’ve identified two slots where the current jackpots – why not record breaking – are low hanging fruit for any jackpot hunter: Knight’s Jackpot and Sweet Treats. Continue reading