Knowing where and what to play is important, which is why we feature game reviews and loads of information on mobile casinos. Knowing how to play is also very important, which is why you’ll find a ton of guide articles on Droid Slots. All of this would be worth nothing, however, if you didn’t understand the regulations behind mobile casinos.

Regulations in the mobile gambling industry are designed to protect you as a player from getting shafted by a dodgy casino, so it’s crucial that you understand how they work and how they work for you. The articles you find in this category are all geared towards expanding that understanding.

In this category we aim to answer questions like: ‘Are real-money gambling games allowed onto Google’s Android Market?’ or ‘How do I know if a casino is going to take my money and disappear with it?’. Within the mobile casino world you’ll mostly find casinos more than happy to help in any way to protect their players’ money or identity, and it is at these casinos you should be playing. There is a minority of bad casinos, though, and these are best avoided – we offer tons of advice for spotting and avoiding these casinos so that you have the best playing experience it’s possible to have!

Anti Money Laundering Failure Causes Changes At Gala Coral

gala coralGala Coral has changed its anti money laundering (AML) and social responsibility (SR) policies in light of failings that have cost them close to £850,000. The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) instigated the fine after discovering that Gala Coral failed to respond to a customer who deposited more than £800,000 into their casinos between 2012 and January 2015.

The matter was brought to light when the customer was jailed for three years. The UKGC described the matter as a widespread systematic fault with how Gala Coral handled its AMl. The new AML and SR policies will be enforced across all the online platforms of casinos run by Gala Coral, which includes Coral, Grosvenor Casinos and Gala Bingo. Continue reading

RSGB Announce The National Responsible Gambling Strategy

responsible-gambling-trustOff the back of new regulations to reduce gambling harm in physical casinos, a new scheme to bring about harm minimisation across the entire industry has been announced this week. The harm prevention strategy, known as the National Responsible Gambling Strategy, has been produced by the Responsible Gambling Strategy Board (RGSB).

Christopher Kelly, who acted as chair on the strategy, has held that the RGSB has no authority to bring about the strategy, rather that it must rely on the persuasiveness of its argument to inspire others in power to bring it to fruition. Continue reading

William Hill Shares Drop 13% Due To Self Exclusions

william hill shares downWilliam Hill shares went down 13% on Wednesday 23rd March after a “weaker than expected online performance“. This sudden drop is suspected to be partly due to an increase of self exclusions during 2016. Another source of issues has been placed with disappointing sporting results.

An increase in self exclusions is a direct effect of the UKGC pushing reality checks on casinos which regularly remind and direct players to self exclusion options if they’ve been playing on online casinos for an extended period of time. Reality checks like this were made compulsory on all online casinos from November 2015. Continue reading

Casinos Must Now Tweet Responsible Gambling Messages

responsible gambling twitterGambling regulators aren’t just monitoring casino’s social responsibility in their TV advertising anymore. That social responsibility is being monitored within individual tweets. From 10th March, the big names in gambling such as Ladbrokes, Betfair, Paddy Power and William Hill will have to include responsible gambling messages regularly on their social media feeds.

The rules have been introduced by the Senet Group, a gambling watchdog who aims for the promotion of responsible gambling within the industry. Continue reading

UKGC Release Report In The Wake of Paddy Power Failings

paddy power ukgcThe UKGC has released a report in the wake of Paddy Power’s recent protocol failings. The events leading up to the report included Paddy Power  mishandling 2 customers in their betting shops and then failing to prevent money laundering with a third online customer. Paddy Power voluntarily pledged to give £280,000 to a socially responsible cause, following the findings of the report.

The UKGC have compiled a report on the whole affair and published their conclusions on how to avoid similar events in the future. Continue reading

How Online Casinos Are Protecting Players Better Than Ever Before

protect casino playersThere’s always been a reputation with online casinos, that they’re the wild west of the gambling world. With no people around and no one watching, the enviroment of an online casino is seen as a place where people are ignored and their problems made their own.

All players can be put at risk by their casinos if there’s no good safeguards. For this with a gambling addiction, this is especially serious. But in the last few years, gambling regulators like the UKGC, have been making leaps and bounds in protecting people who are at risk. So if you’re simply interested, or have thought you might be one of those at risk, these are the steps that you can take and that have been made to make the online casino a safer place to bet. Continue reading

ASA Condemns Mobile Sport Operator FanBet for Suicide Ad

asaThis how you don’t advertise gambling. The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has condemned mobile sports operator, FanBet, for using suicidal imagery in an advert on an Arsenal FC fan page. The advert showed a rotating slide and one image caused a stir. It showed the silhouette of a man who’d hung himself up by a rope above the caption: “SAVE YOURSELF”. The gruesome imagery shows heavy links between problem gambling and suicide which the ASA claimed to be “irresponsible”. We can hardly blame them.

Continue reading

New UKGC Data On Online Gambling Trends

ukgcA recent large scale study funded by the UKGC, has given us better insight into British gambling behaviour than ever before. With over 8,000 people having been interviewed about their gambling, we have a far more accurate representation of how people gamble in the UK. The study uncovered data about where people gamble, what devices they use to gamble online, how many accounts they have and how age demographics affect gambling behaviour. Continue reading

ODR Platform Live In Preparation For 15th February Launch

The ODR, also known as the European Online odr platformDispute Resolution Platform, is a Europe wide disputes system that is set to govern how all complaints take place between customers and businesses that operate within the EU.

This especially applies to remote gambling. Now if there’s any disputes that you want to take up with a casino, but they operate within or outside of the UK, the ODR platform is the place to handle that dispute. It launches properly on the 15th February, but their site has just gone live. Before that official launch, let’s get to grips with how it works and how you can use it. Continue reading

Unibet Offering Free Betfilter Problem Gambling Software

unibet betfilterFrom the start of January, Unibet casino has taken a strong stance on problem gambling by offering free downloads of Betfilter anti gambling software. Unibet customers who go to purchase and download Betfilter, will be given a voucher by Unibet upon the point of purchase. They can then use this voucher to purchase a year long free licence of the software.

Maris Bonello, integrity analytics manager at Unibet, explained that  Unibet didn’t want to be a company that just “believes in responsible gambling – we are a company that actually believes in it and put actions to our words”. Continue reading