Place of Consumption Tax

In October 2014 Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs introduced the Place of Consumption Tax. Levied against all profits made from UK players by mobile casinos, poker rooms and bingo sites, and set at a flat rate of 15%, the Place of Consumption Tax has caused controversy throughout the industry, and forced the closure of many operators.

The reason for the introduction of the tax is mainly attributed to the lack of tax revenue made by the British Government from sites operating in the UK. Gaming companies tend to be based abroad to avoid high tax rates, so the only way to tax their earnings is at the ‘place of consumption’ – the transaction that the player has with the casino in the UK.

In this category we look in depth at the new tax, explore different ways in which it affecting the industry (forcing casinos to change welcome bonuses, or forcing them to close altogether), and advise you on the best way to avoid losing out from the tax.

High Court Hands POC Tax Over to European Court of Justice

GBGA's Angry LawyerAlthough the Place of Consumption (POC) Tax was just introduced last year, it could soon crumble into nothing. Yesterday, the High Court of England and Wales has ruled in favour of the Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association (GBGA) which had challenged the tax, and has sent the tax to be ruled upon by the European Court of Justice. This means that the tax can possibly be ‘thrown out’ as illegal and order the UK Gambling Commission to repay all of the tax it collected.

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Place of Consumption Tax Guide

The introduction of the Place of Consumption (POC) tax is said to be the biggest shake up in the remote gambling industry since people started playing real money games on their computers and mobile devices. Even before the tax came into effect, we speculated whether the POC tax had already started to impact the mobile gambling markets in the UK. Well, now it’s absolutely clear that the answer is a resounding yes, but as always there are many sides to every story. In the unlikely event that you have never heard of this new tax before, this guide will set you right and explain how the new legislation is affecting you, the casino player.

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Time Ticking for Software Providers to Get Licenced

Gambling Software Licencing Banner

The Place of Consumption (POC) tax has hit the UK remote gambling industry hard, but the Gambling Commission had no intentions of stopping there. At the end of this month, not only the operators themselves have to be licenced by the Commission, but all of the software providers they use must be licenced too. This comes as part of the complete regulatory overhaul that the Commission has been trying to implement, with the intention of reducing criminal activity and improving the overall social responsibility in the industry. Of course, this new licencing requirement has generated mixed reactions, but what exactly does it entail? Continue reading

Alderney Throws Casino Operators a Lifeline

Alderney Gambling Control Commission LogoOver the last 6 months or so, every piece of news we’ve read about the Place of Consumption Tax has been negative; from casino closures to operators fully withdrawing from the country, the PoC Tax has cast a dark shadow over the industry. Today, however, we were presented with a piece of news which is seems like a glimmer of hope for some operators struggling under the weight of the new tax: the Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) will be making it much easier for gaming companies based on the island to continue operating in the same way as before.  Continue reading

Remote Gambling Industry Overwhelmed by the Transition to POC

Road Signs Expressing Confusion, Pointing to Different DirectionsIt hasn’t been all smooth sailing for casinos, which have had to apply for UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) Licencing after the new Place of Consumption (POC) tax was introduced. This is revealed in an interview with Jenny Williams, CEO of the UKGC. Although Williams claimed that that the transition has gone ‘pretty smoothly’, the fact that the vast majority of the applications were found incomplete and only a tenth of the applications have been determined begs to differ. Continue reading

Betsson Withdraws From UK – Latest Victim of POC Tax

Betsson Casino LogoToday all Betsson Casino players received the email they’d been waiting for, and in most cases hoped would come a little later. The email announced that the mobile and online casino had finally closed all its UK accounts. It’ll come as a surprise to no one that the rolling up of its UK presence comes as a result of Betsson feeling the bite of the Point of Consumption Tax introduction at the end of last year. The popular site has done well to hold off as long as it has, but now joins a growing number of once great sites which remain a fond memory for British players. Continue reading

No taxes on winnings! – The Mobile Casino Blog

Hooray!The “I Started Playing Slots” series follows Victoria on her journey through the world of real money mobile slots. She dreams about winning a jackpot every time she plays slots; she’s already planned what she’d do once she wins. Here’s what she won’t do: pay taxes.

Here’s a little known fact about gambling: In the UK, you don’t have to pay any tax on any winnings or stakes! This is true regardless of how much you win from gambling, whether it’s £100 or a few million pounds. This regulation applies to all types of gambling – betting, casinos, lotteries or Bingo – for land-based bookmakers as well as online casinos. This means that you are free to spend your winnings in whatever way you choose. In this article, I’ll investigate what this means for players and casinos.

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Fortune Lounge Casinos Migrate Players to Spin Casino

Fortune Lounge LogoA spectre is haunting UK online and mobile gaming – the spectre of the 15% Point of Consumption Tax. Though you’re probably sick of hearing about it by now, we’ve got yet another important piece of news about the new tax which will affect a considerable number of players, and could well affect you. All Fortune Lounge casino brands (8 in total) have ceased to trade in the UK, and will all be migrating their player accounts to a single casino, rather than close them entirely. Continue reading

Has the POC Tax Started Impacting the UK Real Money Mobile Gaming Industry?

Graphic Representing the Place of Consumption Tax

In the past few days, two mobile casinos (GoWild and Metro Play) have being acquired by other casinos (32Red and 666Bet) and one mobile casino (Jack Gold) has shut down its operations in the UK. What’s the big deal, one might wonder. For starters, It is not appropriate to assume that such things happen in every industry. Yes, operations being shut down and companies being acquired by one another might be commonplace in most industries, however we suspect that this current trend of dissolution and acquisition in the UK remote gambling industry is just the tip of an iceberg. The Place of Consumption (POC) tax is the culprit.

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Jack Gold Ceases Trading – What You Need To Know

Jack Gold Mobile Casino Logo Crossed ThroughI’m used to writing about the opening of new mobile casinos, but this week seems to be all about the opposite. Hot on the heels of yesterday’s announcement that GoWild would be relocating all its UK player accounts to 32Red casino, Jack Gold today contacted players to make them aware that the casino would no longer be taking bets, and to ask them to withdraw the funds they have in their accounts. Below you’ll find a list of some of the key things to know about Jack Gold’s ceasing of trade (I noted they were careful not to use the word “closing” in their communications) to help you work out what you need to do about your account, or just fill you in if you’re interested. Continue reading