How to Use Neteller for Mobile Deposits at bet365 Casino

bet365-netellerRecently, Bet365 Vegas decided to add Neteller to their mobile depositing scheme. This means that players are now able to use mobile deposits to fund their Neteller account, which can then be securely used at mobile casinos including Bet365 Vegas.

Yet, mobile depositing can be an intimidating prospect, especially first-time real money players who are unsure which route to go down when making that first, all important transfer. It’s your funds, after all. And what if something goes wrong? Well, it’s the operator’s job to ensure that process is easy as possible.

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Using Mobile with Neteller

bokuIt’s best to start off by saying that Neteller, currently, does not have a mobile app. Instead, its service describes itself as being “mobile-friendly.” This means that all Neteller products can be accessed whenever and wherever. All you need is your 12-digit Neteller number.

So how can you deposit using mobile? Neteller implements the mobile pay service Boku which allows players to quickly and easily add funds to their account. Remember, Neteller is just a digital wallet so putting money in an out should be as easy as putting real money into a real wallet.

But how does Boku work normally? It’s incredibly simple. Any mobile casino, including bet365, requires you to click on the Boku symbol in the deposit section then all you need to do is enter your phone number and the amount you want to pay (minimum of £10, maximum of £30).

You’ll be sent a confirmation text just to make sure you’re not a thief. That is it. Boku works on most UK mobile phone networks and either takes the money from your pay-as-you-go top-up or adds to your monthly bill.


thumbs-up-icon-greyThere are many good things about using mobile to deposit with Neteller. It’ll be difficult to list all of them here but we’ll try and get as many in as much as possible and hopefully debunk a few myths floating around.

  • It’s super quick — Literally, your deposit will be put through within minutes if not in even less time than that. This is why many mobile casinos are favouring mobile deposits more and more.
  • It’s secure — Some may think that because its from mobile and because you’re using your phone number, that it is less safe than other methods. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Boku is safe enough as it is. And with Neteller, there’s an even thicker layer of security, so fret not!
  • No extra charges — You don’t have to pay for the privilege of having a Neteller account and you will never have to. Some deposit methods may require an extra charge and if they do, shame on them. They’re already taking your money, so why pay more? It’ll be like paying the bank to have a savings account.

To open a Neteller account, visit


thumbs-down-icon-greyThis wouldn’t be a totally honest post if we didn’t admit there were some downsides to this method. Thankfully, in this case, the pros definitely outweigh the cons but we thought it better to let you know what the cons are so you know what you’re heading in for.

  • You need a Neteller account —  Fairly obvious and not really that much of a problem but if you don’t have one already, it’s best you set one up. It’s good if you do as Neteller is used by many online casinos and works with many different currencies.
  • No app — As mentioned, there’s no app for Neteller’s services which is super inconvenient. How handy would it be to manage all of your payments in one app? There may be one in the near-future but for now it remains a flaw.
  • Limits — There are caps on how much you can deposit and how much you can take out of your Neteller account which may vex some but they are there for a reason. However, depositing more than £30 is going to be a problem if you need it.

We hope this guide has been informative and that your depositing becomes a more pleasant experience. Happy gambling!

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