PayPal Explained: Why use it for Mobile Casinos?

pay-pal-logoWith all the available options for banking with mobile casinos, why choose PayPal? Droid Slots users are always looking for easier ways to transact with their favourite casinos, and PayPal has to be one of the easiest options out there. Unfortunately, due to it being a U.S. company, restricted by U.S. gambling laws, it took a little while for it to take off on the European gambling scene, and it is subsequently used in fewer mobile casinos than the popular e-wallets Neteller, Skrill or Ukash. However, as mentioned in a recent News Roundup, it is growing quickly with casinos such as Ladbrokes jumping to switch over to it, but why are they doing so when there are so many good e-wallets out there already?

rp_woman-winning-in-bed-200x300.jpgSelling points

PayPal’s edge comes in its direct link to your bank account – rather than working as a holding account like other e-wallets. This means that PayPal functions more like a bank account than a wallet, and subsequently not only do you not have to top it up, but when you pay back into it the money will be waiting for you in your bank. This finds it a hot favourite amongst those looking to make online purchases, and PayPal’s well-known rise to fame through its implementation on eBay is the perfect example of this. Its precedence in the online payment market makes PayPal an eminently convenient service, being used by almost all major online retailers including eBay, Amazon and ASOS. It is this convenience that had Victoria using PayPal in her Mobile Casino project!

Further to this, PayPal offers privacy; with all your details being dealt with PayPal-side, nothing is shared with the website or app you are using. So not only can you process almost all online transactions through just one service, but you can do so safe in the knowledge that confidentiality is ensured.

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As you may already know from using other e-payment services, their primary benefit is that your details are stored securely by a third party, through whom you can make transactions without sending your bank details to the four corners of the internet.

However, PayPal adds more; their similarity to bank accounts extends to their security, using the same industry-leading technology as major banks. Not only are PayPal servers not directly connected to the internet, meaning that your information can only be accessed by authorised computers, but the information inside them is encrypted to the highest level commercially available, and the servers themselves are heavily physically guarded.

So as long as you don’t give your password to someone, you’re safe! Except, even if someone manages to get your password, you’re still safe. They guarantee protection against any unauthorised payments, meaning that your money is safe from everybody but yourself.

What’s the catch?

I’d love to say there isn’t one, but no great thing comes without its flaws. With the sheer size that PayPal has reached, they seem to have dropped the ball in terms of customer service. With a mostly automated service complete with long waiting times to get through to an operator, this seems to be the source of the majority of frustration vented at PayPal. Customers also report difficulties getting their questions answered even once they get through to a real person, but this seems mostly to concern sellers rather than buyers, so hopefully shouldn’t effect  you if you’re just using as a mobile e-Wallet. Man wearing glasses shockedHowever, now we
come to the matter of fees.

The primary means of using PayPal are Bank Transfers and Credit/Debit cards, and all of these may incur fees if a currency conversion or international transfer is involved. However, assuming you’re betting within your own country, there are no fees associated with bank transfers, while a small fee is levied for credit and debit cards, comparable to those charged by other e-wallet services.


So, PayPal is convenient, secure, easy to use, and virtually omnipresent online… what Herculean trials are needed to secure an account at this place? Well, as long as you reside in a country rather than in unchartered territory, and as long as you have an email address, then that’s all you need. Their sign-up page rivals any I’ve ever seen in terms of simplicity, requiring just your country and email address before deciding your password to create your account.

> Sign up to PayPal here


List of top Mobile Casinos that use PayPal:

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Safe, border-less and all in one pay. Being the choice of millions of users everyday, Paypal is the one of the quickest and most hassle free ways to deposit and withdraw money from a casino. On top of that, Paypal is rated as one of the safest methods of payment around the world. Here at Droid Slots, we will tell you everything you need to know about which casinos accept Paypal deposits. Right now, we can’t think of any reason of why anyone shouldn’t use Paypal.

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