RGA Money Laundering Rules One Step Too Far?

rga-logoThe Remote Gambling Association (RGA) has published a brand new set of guidelines in an effort to tackle money-laundering and terrorist funding. It plans to employ these new guidelines through a “consistent and effective” manner. The proposed regulations also described that the process will be done via the application of a risk-based approach, due diligence processes and internal controls. What does this mean? Are RGA really trying to protect us or are they just trying police our fun?

Gambling is a risky business (obviously) but in many ways it’s more risky than simply losing a tenner on a slot machine. This is especially the case online, where people can remain anonymous while stealing your money. Casinos may even become corrupt and cheat you out of your deposit. We don’t mean to scaremonger, but this sort of thing has happened before and will happen again if players do not tread carefully.


This is why organisations like the RGA (and websites like us) exist: to inform players on the safest way they can bet, avoid problem gambling and detect whatever phoney casinos might be out there. But are these new guidelines from the RGA one step too far? 

A Step Too Far?

Rules and regulations booksCommenting on the regulations, Clive Hawkswood, chief executive of the RGA, said: “Our first edition of these guidelines was well received and, more importantly, provided a useful tool for companies in the online gambling industry.

“In this edition we have, among other things, sought to anticipate some of the changes that will flow from implementation of the EU’s 4th AML Directive.

“We will keep the guidelines under review so that they continue to reflect any new developments.”

Despite the “positive reception” there are still those who  complain that all these regulations simply make it harder to have fun. Rules, rules, rules… They’re too invasive. Can’t we just have fewer of them?

Well, no. Those regulations are there for a reason — to keep us all safe. And in response to increased corruption, the RGA are simply doing what they have to do: their job. After all, you would miss these regulations if they weren’t there at all. This is why we have security at airports. They are there to help us and keep us from harm.


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