Huge Promotion For June At Bet365

Bet365 LogoA while ago we brought you come news about Bet365 Mobile Casino, and looked at why we think this casino (having been there from the beginning of the gaming move to mobile) is a place worth paying a visit to. We already think Bet365 has the credentials to be a serious player in the mobile gambling world, but now they’ve brought out a new offer that just tops off their offering.

June is the time for good things to happen, and as summer gets in to full swing, Bet365 has made the sunshine even more enjoyable by offering its players a promotion exclusive to mobile players – Mobile Daily Double.

The idea behind the promotion is a simple one:- if you go and play on any of the huge range of Bet365 games available on mobile, you will be automatically entered into the Mobile Daily Double prize draw.

When the draw is picked (daily, of course), one lucky winner will receive an iPad mini! (Shame it’s not an Android device, but you can’t always win). That’s not all though, because 20 runners up on top of that will each be given an amazing $100! That means you have the chance to win an iPad, or $100, just for doing something that’s fun in the first placeplaying mobile games!

As if that wasn’t enough, even if you’re not lucky enough to be one of the 21 winners, you can still get up to $100 cashback if the House takes anything from you while you’re playing at Bet365. That means you can make 10% back, even if you lose some cash!

You’ll need to hurry though – this promotion is only running through June. It’s the perfect excuse to check out a really great casino. It would be the perfect time too, because Bet365 has just given its site a big makeover, meaning that you’ll have a more user-friendly experience than ever before!

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