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Women Playing Socially At mFortuneSocial media is fast becoming the main way people access the internet. Nearly everyone these days has a Facebook page, and interaction through social media sites is more important than ever before. The social media revolution has been important for everyone, and mobile casinos are no exception.

Mobile casinos which can effectively utilise social media are sure to succeed. Not just because they’re more visible (though this helps), but because it means they can offer more than their basic service to their players. This is something mFortune is expert at. At mFortune, you can find access to their Facebook page, their Twitter feed, and their Youtube channel, all of which offers you great opportunities to get more involved with the casino.

With almost 13,000 likes on Facebook alone, mFortune is undoubtedly one of the mobile casinos which has most successfully used social media to reach out to its players. So what is it about mFortune’s use of social media which makes it such a useful tool both for the casino, and for its players?


One of the best things about the way mFortune uses social media is how it allows players to access more information about the casino in an interesting format. Rather than just a stuffy ‘About Us’ page, mFortune has a series of informative videos which help players better understand the site.

By checking out the Twitter feed, players can get quick access to the most recent news about the casino, and keep up to date with goings on. It is a great way to get news about new games or promotions on offer at mFortune.

All in all, by looking at the social media pages associated with mFortune, players will really be able to get a better feel for what kind of casino they’re playing at.

Logo for mFortune Mobile Phone CasinoCompetitions

Lots of casinos run competitions. Whether it’s for bonuses or physical prizes, competitions are a great way for casinos to get people involved, and give something back to their loyal players at the same time.

By bringing their competitions to social media, mFortune ensures that their players are more likely to be aware of the competitions, and makes it easier for players to take part. Take for instance their regular Bingo prize draws. From time to time, mFortune runs competitions in which it enters players into a draw to win some fantastic prizes if they’re playing in one of the mFortune bingo rooms at a specific time. By advertising this through their Facebook page, players who like the page are more likely to spot that it’s going on. What’s more, it gives players the opportunity to ‘share’ the post with friends, meaning even more people have a chance to win.

Using social media to run, and spread the word about competitions is something that strongly benefits both mFortune and its players. A real win/win situation!


What probably stands out most in the way that mFortune has employed social media is the great sense of community between its players. You just need to glance at its Facebook to see tons of players who are totally engaged with the casino, and having some great chats with each other, and with mFortune through the site.

Connected players are happy players; as well as giving you someone to chat to as you play, friendly rivalries with other players means that the fun of mobile gaming is increased by being involved with social media.

It is clear that employing social is a great move for mobile casinos, and that mFortune have really led the way in creating a successful social media presence. Players really should be looking out for casinos who let you engage through social media, not only does it show that the casino is interested in more than just you playing at their site, but it also puts you in a great position to take advantage of everything social media has to offer.

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