MrGreen Mobile Casino is Having a Makeover — Again!

Mr Green Mini One CompetitionDidn’t this already happen? Bigwig mobile casino, MrGreen, has once again expressed its intention to give its website a makeover. Now this may seem redundant to most people out there especially seeing the website looks so good already but MrGreen has said that they only want to reinvent the website for the UK market. Looks like we’re pretty special. Knowing MrGreen’s sense of style, we feel sorry for the other countries that’ll miss out on this change.

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Why the change?

Mr Green Casino LogoThis is probably the biggest question that’s on everybody’s lips. It was only a few months ago when MrGreen changed its website’s appearance in order to attract more players. This was for all the countries they’re operating in, though, while this change is strictly within the UK.

But why? Does MrGreen feel that it doesn’t attract enough players? We would say this isn’t true — it’s one of the more popular mobile casinos out there and features on our list of top 20. But as far as reasons go, MrGreen hasn’t come out with one. Website renovation is a massive headache so we don’t think they just fancy a change.

Perhaps user count in the UK is lower than that in other countries. Figures show, however, that its biggest customers are those in the UK so this point doesn’t hold water. It seems more logical that they want to attract even more UK players. Considering the success of their previous renovation, we understand the logic behind why they might want to do it again.

MrGreen’s Popularity


There’s little wonder as to why MrGreen is so popular. With some of the best games out there by the likes of NetEnt and other developers, it truly has a strong grip on the market with many loyal users who always come back for more.

On top of this, it also has some pretty good promotions going on including £100 welcome bonus upon signing up with wagering requirements virtually  being non-existent and withdrawal times almost instantaneous. This puts many other casinos to shame and it’s easy to understand why they’re so popular. How do they get away with it?

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