4 Ways To Know If Your Casino Was Built For Mobile Deposits

confusion mobile depositWe’ve always kept track of the top mobile casinos to deposit with.  For mobile depositors, it’s a much needed resource as a lot of casinos simply aren’t up to the task of providing the service they need.

But what we haven’t said is how to spot a casino that’s built for mobile depositing and mobile use in general. So here, we’ll run you through the things to look out for, to have a great mobile casino experience.

Mobile Deposits & Withdrawing Options

Lets get the main fact out of the way first, if a casino is hiding the fact it has mobile depositing, it doesn’t want you to use it. Some more conveniently won’t list it in their depositing, so you can move on straight away.

The more pronounced it is, the better a casino will be at handling transactions done via this method. The initial payment may very well go smoothly, but when it comes to later withdrawing, a casino may be much more stilted in getting your money to you.depositing methods

Most people who mobile deposit are doing so to avoid using their bank account directly. It’s also likely that mobile depositors also don’t have an eWallet to transfer the withdrawals to either. Because of this, when it comes to withdrawing mobile deposited money, your options are quite limited. The only way to withdraw money from your mobile deposits, while avoiding all the other methods, is via cheque.

Slow Withdrawal

Cheques allow you to withdraw you winnings, while always avoiding giving your bank details directly to the casino. Unfortunately, a few problems can occur with cheque.

  • Casinos can process cheques slowly as they are viewed as a secondary concern
  • Casinos may offer mobile depositing, but not cheque withdrawal

If a casino appears hesitant to mention it does mobile depositing or cheque withdrawal, then it’s likely the process of returning your money will be a pain. Casinos at their quickest Cheque to Cashwill usually take 3-5 days to get the cheque posted out to you. At their slowest this could be much worse. Because of this, you should always check if a casino promotes its mobile depositing, so you know if this will be a problem down the line.

Of course, you should also check if they allow cheque withdrawal at all. Many will offer mobile depositing without the cheque withdrawal, which renders mobile depositing pointless in the first place for many.

As long as they clearly care about cheque withdrawal and mobile depositing, then you should be in for a smooth ride.


The layout of a casino is an immediate clue to how much a casino values its mobile users. Many casinos allow you to use their site on your mobile. Some casinos are mobile only and will either function in your mobile browser or simply in an app.

Websites that are mobile only and function through an app are a safe bet when it comes to mobile depositing. They function only on mobiles, so they’re built to service mobile customers. Mobile depositing would be a must here and will probably be a safe bet that the casino is designed for this. Of course it’s always best to double check using our earlier rules.

However, casinos that work across desktop and mobiles are the ones to be cautious of. Many casinos don’t optimise the mobile versions of their site. It’s simple to spot and can tell you a lot about how much a casino respects its mobile customers.

mobile layout william hill

Spot the difference

The things to look out for to tell if your mobile casino is well optimised:

  • Not cluttered with links. Options are in drop down lists to save mobile screen space
  • You only have to scroll down. Objects hidden to the sides show that it’s just the regular desktop site displayed on a mobile
  • Takes longer than usual to load
  • Images and text displays properly. If images aren’t loading, it’s not optimised
  • The page unloads and crashes a lot on your phone

A poorly optimised mobile site isn’t necessarily a sign that the mobile experience won’t be good in other areas. But it will at least let you know if the casino you’re using cares about its mobile customers or is simply just trying to pull in another part of the market.

Games Run Well

This is very similar to the layout issue, but no less important. If a casino doesn’t care how their games run on your mobile, then they certainly won’t care about you using it for depositing.

crashRemember, if a casino’s games:

  • Load slowly
  • Large amount of their library isn’t available on mobile
  • Crash frequently

Then this isn’t the site you should be using. There are many great mobile casinos out there and it’s not worth your time putting up with poor ones.

Mobile casinos like Pocket Win and mFortune have an interesting system where you can text yourself a link to directly download their games to your mobile. These games aren’t hampered by how slow your browser is and so play perfectly, straight from your phone. Casinos like this are well optimised for mobile gaming, care about their mobile customers and are exactly the kind of place to be mobile depositing

Welcome Bonuses

How a casino presents its welcome bonus often says a lot for the type of customer they want on their site. If a casino is making it hard to play and test our their games while solely mobile depositing, then it’s probably not the casino for you.

wild jack casino welcomeCasinos that require a card to be added before they offer a welcome bonus are a huge problem for mobile depositors. After all, the very point of mobile depositing is to avoid using your bank details online.

Especially if you don’t have a bank account, and adding card details is actually an impossible feat.

The best places to look out for are casinos that offer welcome bonuses with:

  • No deposit
  • No card details required

Many casinos offer free spins or £5 free (with a wagering deposit) as soon as you activate your account. Fortune Frenzy offers £5 free as well as Boku depositing. It’s sites like this which you should be on the look out for.

Casinos that don’t care if mobile depositors can try out their site in the first place, aren’t in it to appease mobile depositors. There’s a lot of choice out there, so don’t be stuck with a rough deal.

A Mobile Friendly Experience

So to conclude, always be on the search for the 4 key details:

  • Transparent with mobile friendly withdrawal and depositing options
  • Has a site well optimised for mobiles
  • Has games that are optimised for mobiles
  • Welcome bonuses that reward mobile players

If your casino ticks all these boxes, you’re most likely in for a great mobile depositing experience. There’s enough casinos more than willing to offer you a great mobile depositing service, so always make sure to only go to those that care about you.

One casino we would recommend to satisfy all these criteria is Fruity King. If you want to see how a casino does it best, then head over  and check them out.

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