A Review of Cat & Mouse from mFortune

cat & mouse mobile slot at mfortuneThere’s a new mobile slot on mFortune called Cat & Mouse, and as the world’s premiere site for Android slot enthusiasts, we are one of the very first to bring you a comprehensive review! So, on this page you’ll find out what the game is about, how much you can win, whether it’s fun or not, plus loads more – just sit back and let us tell you whether you should head to mFortune and download it ASAP, or stick to your usual mobile slot games instead! Quick hint – we think it’s great so it’s going to be the first option!

The first thing that you should know, before we get on with the main review, is that Cat & Mouse is found only on mFortune and not on any other sites at all. This means that to play it, you have to have an mFortune account. Why you wouldn’t already have an mFortune account already though is a mystery to us, as they are the best mobile slot site online by a mile! Every game on the site is worth playing, but if you want to know more about our favourite Android slots site, read our mFortune review.

Anyway, enough waffling – let’s get on with the review of Cat & Mouse, so that you can decide whether to head straight over to mFortune and download it!

The Theme

reels spinning on cat and mouse android slotThe title of the game kinda gives the theme of this game away, as it is based on… a cat and a mouse! It’s kind of like Tom & Jerry for the mobile gambling world, but don’t worry, as both the cat and the mouse bring in great bonuses when they spin into view on your screen, but more about that later in the “Game Features” section.

We love the theme because it is completely original and a departure, finally, from the usual clichéd themes that most mobile slot sites seem to be coming up with. It seems like the whole mobile slot world is based around Las Vegas and Monte Carlo and this is getting boring, to be honest. For those who say the theme doesn’t matter, we would have to politely disagree, as we think that the theme is the part of the mobile slot that brings the most enjoyment, even if it doesn’t change the amount of money that can be won!

Game Features

mFortune has done it again – they’ve produced a mobile slot with an absolutely amazing set of features! You might recall that in a previous review of Monte Carlo by mFortune, we said that the game had the best set of features around – this is now an honour shared by Cat & Mouse! The best thing that you’ll find in terms of features is the highly innovative (and extremely profitable) feature board, which can be accessed by spinning two or more Mouse Holes onto a line you are playing. You then progress to a board where you are the mouse and you have to stay ahead of the cat for as long as possible. You roll a dice and move that many spaces, with the cat then doing the same thing. The amount of rolls you survive for and the squares you land on will determine how much you win. In nearly every single case you’ll double your money here, but it’s possible to win huge amounts if you’re lucky!

There are some other symbols that you should watch out for as well when spinning the reels on this Cat & Mouse slot. These are:

  • The Cat. The Cat is the Scatter Symbol. This means that when you spin it in, you don’t have to have all your symbols lining up on one line in order to claim some money, which is obviously extremely useful! If you roll in 3-5 Scatter Symbols on one line, you’ll also find yourself getting some free spins too!
  • The Mouse. Getting the Mouse will mean that you have a Wild Symbol on the board, which will substitute for any other symbol (expect Scatter and Mouse Hole symbols) to complete a winning line. If you see a couple of these spin in, the chances are you’re about to get a win!
  • Cat & Mouse. This is the Jackpot Symbol and there’s no need to mention anything further about that – if you see it spinning in, start planning your next holiday because you’re about to be rich!

With the large amount of features and symbols, you might think that this is going to be a confusing game, but this is not the case. This thought might further be added to by the fact that this is a 5-reel, 9-payline mobile slot, meaning that there’s always loads of action. The truth is though that the developers of the game have managed to make Cat & Mouse really easy to play, meaning that there is enough action for the seasoned pro but also great fun for the beginner as well. Once you have had a couple of spins and understood the ways that the symbols work, you’ll find that this game takes no brain power and that you just click and watch the money roll in (if you’re lucky)!


cat and mouse mobile slot pay tableSo, the final thing to talk about – and probably the most important thing as well – is the amount of money that you can win from this mobile slot. Cat & Mouse is what is known as a progressive mobile slot, which means that the more people play, the higher the jackpot gets. Some mobile slot of this type reach jackpot levels of over £1,000,000, but because Cat & Mouse hasn’t been out long we can’t say if this is the case here. At the time of writing, the jackpot stands at just over £10,000, but it’s early days yet!

For a more accurate assessment of how much you can win, this means that we have to look at the highest paying combo that is set in stone, and this is spinning in 5 Wild Symbols. If you do this, you will get 2,000x your initial stake – considering your maximum stake is £9, this means that you could win £18,000 from this combo. This also means that the jackpot is always going to come in at more than this, which is great news for those looking to win big money when playing slots on their mobile phone!


There’s only one word we can use for this mobile slot on mFortune – amazing! We think that this is in the top three slots out there (possibly the best of all of them) and that you should get straight over to mFortune to check it out. If you do, you’ll find a couple of juicy bonuses waiting there for you when you arrive!


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