A Review of Monte Carlo from mFortune

monte carlo mobile slot screen shotMonte Carlo is a mobile slot machine that has just popped up on mFortune and it’s causing a massive stir among slot machine aficionados the world over. We’ll get into why later on in this article, but for now just trust us – this is a game that you want to know about! You can probably tell already that this is a game that we really like, but we do like to give you the best information possible, so we’ll also have a chat about some of the less inspiring points of Monte Carlo as well, although these are few and far between!


As already stated, Monte Carlo is found on mFortune and, unlike many other slot machines, it is 100% exclusive to that site; there is nowhere else online that you can play it. Luckily though, we rate mFortune as our top Android casino, so you can get the best of both worlds – the best casino and one of the best games as well – if you sign up with them. The fact that mFortune is already so popular with punters means that this game is bound to get extremely popular soon, which in turn could even lead to larger jackpots being added.

So, without further ado, let’s take a little look at the different aspects of Monte Carlo and then you’ll be able to decide for sure whether you want to head over to mFortune and give it a try for yourself…

The Theme

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that the theme behind Monte Carlo is… Monte Carlo! The name “Monte Carlo” conjures up the world’s richest, with their yachts moored in the harbour and their million pound penthouses overlooking the Mediterranean. While this game certainly won’t offer a prize that lets you join this jet setting elite, it could give you a prize that at least allows you to go on a nice holiday there!

The only problem with this theme, in our opinion, is the fact that it is slightly cliché and dated. After all, how many other slots can you think of that are based simply around affluence and aspirational thoughts? When other sites are innovating – such as Pocket Win with their extremely popular Jackpot Agent mobile slot – mFortune seems to have decided to stick to the old tried and tested formulas. Whether this is a problem for you entirely depends on if you place importance on the fun that the theme brings or not though.

Game Features

The features of Monte Carlo are, in our opinion, better than any other mobile slots. This is for one reason and one reason only – the feature boards that it has. Although they are all roughly the same thing – the chance to progress along a route, with the further you get giving a bigger multiplier – the amount of money that can be won from them is absolutely staggering. You’ll get at least a 2x multiplier and this can rise up to a multiplier of up to 1500x, which will obviously bring you at least £1500, but hopefully more! These feature boards can be accessed by spinning in the Bonus Symbol, which simply states Monte Carlo on it.

There are also three other symbols to look out for on this mobile slot too, and these are:

  • The Rolex. The Rolex is the Wild Symbol and they will complete any sequence of symbols, therefore meaning that when you see them, they are likely to lead to a prize! Let’s just forget that the watch in the picture looks slightly on the cheap side though!
  • The Red Handbag. This is the Scatter Symbol and it means that wins can be collected even if the symbols aren’t lining up from the left. They will also bring free spins as well, which means free chances to win more money.
  • The Yacht. This is the Jackpot Symbol. There’s nothing more that needs to be said, apart from that you should be trying to spin this in at all costs!

With all of these symbols present, the game can be slightly confusing, especially when you consider that this is also a 5-reel, 9-payline mobile slot. This means that novice players might not quite understand it at first, although more experienced players should feel right at home straight away. For novice players, it might be better to begin with a simpler mobile slot on mFortune first, such as Fruit Machine or Gold Rush.

the pay table for monte carlo mobile slotPrizes

So, most of you are probably desperate to know one thing by now, and that is “how large are the prizes?” Well, unfortunately it is not a progressive slot, so the jackpots don’t get as high as some other machines, but if you spin in a line of jackpot symbols you can get up to 1000x your initial stake. Curiously though, the jackpot symbols don’t illicit the largest prize though; as mentioned earlier, the feature board can give a prize of up to 1500x your stake. This means that, if playing at the highest stakes, you could win tens of thousands from this machine!


At the beginning of this article, we told you that we really like this mobile slot, and now we hope that you see why this is the case! With loads of action and great prizes – as well as lots of fun in the process – we would urge you to check this machine out. Just don’t do it if you don’t have a spare few hours though, as you won’t be able to tear yourself away!


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