Putting a New Spin on Slots: Spin 16 by Genii

Genii Spin 16 Game InterfaceNew slots are being developed everyday and some of the largest software developers have multiple new releases per month. Sometimes, the games offer new types of features and have great looking mini-games, but we would hesitate calling that true innovation. Cue Genii Games, a software developer that has taken the intuitiveness of mobile gaming and combined that with enhanced interactivity to create the Spin 16 games. Available exclusively at Leo Vegas Casino, there are currently three games to enjoy, with more on the way.

We love novelty games; they don’t fit into any other of our game categories because they are outside-the-box and played entirely differently than regular mobile slots. There aren’t many of them to come by – we reviewed Bubble Craze by IGT over half a year ago! So we were really excited to find out about Spin 16 and learn how the game functions.

Play Spin 16 Games at Leo Vegas!

How Does Spin 16 Work?Lightbulbs Lined Up On Blue Background

To be honest, we are surprised it took this long for someone to figure out that smartphones offer so much opportunity for innovation. The high resolution touchscreens allow people to tap, zoom, swipe and perform other kinds of combination actions, and Genii Games has capitalised on that quite nicely.

Are you bored of clicking the “Spin” button over and over, only switching from that to sometimes increase or decrease your bet? Well, you will love the Spin 16 games. As the name implies, there are sixteen distinct ways to spin the reels: you can choose to spin any reel down, right, up and left – any reel in any direction makes it a total of sixteen choices.

Your choice of the spin is highlighted by the golden arrow and after you’ve made your selection, it’s the house’s turn to spin in one of the sixteen directions too. This is represented by a green arrow. However, the most fun bit is if you manage to match the direction and/or the reel of the house choice, you get a multiplier applied to your win. What a way to maximize your wins!

Furthermore, the game also features ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ spin buttons, that display the reels that have yielded the most and the least wins to all of the gamblers, who have been playing the game at the same time. This is definitely interesting to see, as it might sway your swiping patterns. We’d definitely be curious to see if some reels are more lucky than others.

Present and Future of Spin 16

So, on the surface it appears to work differently, but the most important question, of course, is whether it pays to play it? Well, with 96% return-to-player and mathematical logarithms very similar to those of slots, it is safe to say that it’s just like any other slot. Just way more exciting and interactive.

Spin 16 GamesFor now, Spin 16 games are available on desktop and mobile via the app store, as well as an HTML5 version. There are already not one or two, but three Spin 16 games available on Leo Vegas: Age of Spartans, Big Game and Horn of Plenty. The games remain exclusively planted at Leo Vegas for the next week and then we expect that more casinos will take this innovative slot up in the future as well.

Be careful, as playing a Spin 16 game is quite addictive. Once you’ve spent some time swiping the reels left and right, simply clicking one button over and over will seem like going back to the Dark Ages! Spin 16 is a winner in our book and we can’t wait to see more games from Genii really soon. We heard through the grapevine that a new Spin 16 game called Elementium will be launched on the 20th of July, so keep your eyes and ears open for a game review shortly thereafter.

Play Spin 16 Games at Leo Vegas!

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