5 ‘Fusion’ Slots that Rewrite the Rules

Game makers are reimagining slot games and rewriting the rules. We could call them “fusion slots”, although they do not strictly fall into any category. These games merge slots with elements of pop culture; be it a mobile game, TV series or lifestyle. By doing so, mobile casinos capitalise on another item’s popularity, while players get a kick out of seeing their old favourite in a new format. For game creators, the challenge lies in adapting the right elements so that they are still recognisable, yet converting it into a luck-based game. In this post, we’ll celebrate a few of the most innovative.

1. Fruit Warp by Thunderkick

Fruit Warp Slot by Thunderkick (GIF)

Slots reimagined with Fruit Warp by Thunderkick

This new slot made waves during its recent launch, some call it the most innovative slot of the year. As you can see in the GIF above, there are no reels or paylines! The fruits just float about. Unlike its doppelganger, Fruit Ninja,  you don’t swipe fruits to earn points. Instead, you collect points if similar fruits appear on the screen at the same time. No effort or motor skills required, yet you take home real-money prizes! Play now at Betsafe Casino  >>

2. Candy Cash by Pocket Fruity

Candy Cash by Pocket Fruity

Candies fall into a grid

Candy Cash takes inspiration from match-three games like Candy Crush Saga. Candies fall into a 9×9 grid; if similar ones fall adjacent to each other, you win cash! Four or more similar candies award explosive symbols, which clear the screen and resets the grid (much like a Free Spin). The best part occurs during its Feature Game – you control the game and match the candies yourself! The game contains three other Feature games too. Candy Cash is an absolute thrill! Play now at Pocket Fruity >>

3. Jackpot Joyride by Pocket Fruity

Jackpot Joyride by Pocket Fruity

Captain doesn’t wait for fruits to fall, he catches them!

Jackpot Joyride is an adaptation of the popular mobile game, Jetpack Joyride. In the original, players commandeer rocket jetpacks while catching boosters. The slot version sees a new character – aptly named Captain Jackpot – who must catch fruits and avoid flying rubble. Sadly, Capt’n flies on his own and you won’t get to pick your fruits. Conveniently, there are no actual motor skills required. Jackpot Joyride is tied to a progressive jackpot, which currently stands at £10,000. Play now at Pocket Fruity >>

4. Sunny Scoops by Thunderkick

Sunny Scoop Slots by Thunderkick

Warning: This slot causes ice-cream cravings.

You may have noticed that the same few software providers are behind fusion slots. The Scandinavian Thunderkick  team follows up Fruit Warp’s success with Sunny Scoops. In this one, you get points if the same flavour ice-cream appears on the same ice-cream cone. Using slots terminology, you could say that there are three vertical paylines. There are also 11 other horizontal and diagonal paylines, since three paylines are never enough. Sunny Scoop also features a Bonus Wheel and Bonus Game, with extra multipliers and Free Spins. Play now at Casino Moolah >>

5. Reel Rush by Net Entertainment

Reel Rush Slots by Net Entertainment

The reels rearrange themselves, like Hogwarts staircases.

Reel Rush is a throwback to video games of the 90’s. The exact rules are slightly confusing to begin with, but you’ll pick it up as you play. In a nutshell, the reels “reactivate” after every winning combination. Every winning combination increases the number of paylines, up to a whopping 3125 ways to win! You’ll also get a free re-spin, up to 5 times. This happens over and over, creating a satisfying crescendo of wins and multiplying your initial wager by tens of times. Play now at Next Casino >>

Fusion slots are always amusing, at least until the novelty wears off. I can’t wait to see what the mobile gaming industry comes up with next! I definitely prefer these to “celebrity” video slots , especially those with famous faces plastered onto their slot symbols and little else. Which of these fusion slots have you tried? Let me know in the comments below!

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