Come Win With Me Mobile Slot by PocketWin — A Full Review

come win with me logoEver wanted a mobile slot based around Come Dine With Me. We didn’t, but we’ve got one anyway. Behold Come Win With Me — PocketWin’s latest mobile slot where the player gets to invite dinner guests to their homes and impress them with appetizing dishes. As quirky a concept as this sounds, it works surprisingly well as a mobile slot. It’s fun, unique and certainly fits in with PocketWin’s repertoire of slot titles. But what else does the game have to offer aside from an unusual theme? Let’s find out!

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Game Overview

Release Date October 2016
Software ProviderPocketWin
Slot typeVideo slot
PlatformAndroid App, iPhone App, Browser
Return to Player (RTP)95.5%
Slot Reels/ Paylines5 reels/ 20 paylines
Min/ Max Bets2p – £95
Max Win£28,500
Free SpinsUp to 5 free spins
FeaturesMultiplier mini-games, Gamble feature, Free spins
Current JackpotN/A
ProsBright, colourful theme, good features
ConsLow RTP, bonus games distracting

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come-win-with-me-iphon-screenshot-winlineThe gameplay for Come Win With Me is relatively similar to other PocketWin titles — it’s fairly easy to make a win and it’s often punctuated by a mini-game to stop the main game from becoming tedious. The reel operates on a 5 x 3 reel and has 20 active winlines.

There is a distinct advantage of variety when it comes any mobile slot’s features yet too much variety and it turns it into an almost entirely different game. This, we feel, could be the case with Come Win With Me. While we think the two mini-games aren’t too intrusive, they do appear quite often and we imagine players could get quickly irritated by this. The main game isn’t that boring. It’s almost as though PocketWin through them in because they had little faith in this one.

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There are a number of features with Come Win With Me that it makes the game far more three-dimensional than just your average slot. It takes all of the identifying elements from your average Come Dine With Me episode and uses them in a creative way.

For instance, out of the meal part of the program it has made the Dinner Spinner bonus game. All you’ve got here is your standard multiplier wheel — land on the right number and you get a larger amount on your wager. The maximum you can get is around 5x. The second mini-game is based around the famous scoring system found in your average Come Dine With Me episode. Choose a scoreboard and you could multiply your winnings, get free spins or get absolutely nothing.

There is also another bonus game but it’s not so much a mini-game as an additional feature to the main reel. This is the Gamble Feature and you can use it to increase your winnings by choosing a number to land on. Aside from these, you have your special, wild and scatter symbols which can earn free spins as well as cash.

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come-win-with-me-iphon-screenshotLike most PocketWin games, Come Win With Me performs very well. It’s graphics are smooth and seamless. It operates on 99% of mobile devices. The only thing we can imagine getting on the player’s nerves (it certainly did with us) is the background music. Boy, is it irritating!

We had to turn our phone on silent just so that we didn’t have to listen to it. It’s rather off-putting and can be obnoxious when playing the game so we recommend turning the sound off. Other than this, the game is flawless performance-wise. Just be careful not to accidentally press ‘Home’ on the iPhone, though, as this freezes your game and you would have to start again.

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Unique Features

come-win-with-me-iphon-screenshot-mini-gameThe most unique feature of Come Win With Me has to be the Gamble Feature. It puts that added risk onto a game that’s already fairly low-risk so a addition like this is very welcome. But it does tend to make the game too crowded. Take away one of the other mini-games and you’ll feel less bombarded by bonus rounds that feel like they’re desperately trying to keep your attention.

And of course, the other more unique aspect is the game’s theme being based around Come Dine With Me, as we’ve mentioned numerous times. It hearkens back to PocketWin’s Benidorm or Bust slot which is based off another beloved TV program. We can’t wait for them to take on Emmerdale!

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Droid Slots' Stamp of ApprovalOverall, Come Win With Me is a pretty fun game with an interesting theme. It performs well, like many PocketWin titles, and is operational on almost every device on the market. What we didn’t enjoy so much was how crowded this game feels. Two bonus games plus a gamble feature can make the player feel like every spin is a feature-triggering spin.

This is fun at first but gets really distracting and a little boring very quickly. We would have preferred something more spaced out. But it doesn’t affect the gameplay too much to hinder the enjoyment. In short, it’s a solid recommendation.

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