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Which Witch by mFortune LogoI grew up with Harry Potter and fell in love with the magical world. Embarrassingly, I actually waited for my letter from Hogwarts on my 11th birthday (spoiler: it turned out that I’m a Muggle). I never cast silly spells like Abracadabra; I knew Avada Kedavra! (For the unenlightened ones amongst you, it’s the powerful spell that killed Harry’s parents.) Silly stories aside, I was really excited to see Which Witch – a new game that we’ve been following for two days now – up on mFortune. There has been quite a few magical themed games before Which Witch, including Magic Portals and Lucky Witch; both of which are extremely popular around Halloween. On first glance of the leaked screenshots, Which Witch definitely boasts more pleasing graphics than Lucky Witch. Duncan wasn’t too convinced with Magic Portals either, passing it off as a “nice little gimmick”. Would Which Witch exceed these existing magic-themed games?

Game Play

Which Witch mFortune - Paytable

In the game, there are flipping animations and sound effects too!

Basic facts: There are 5 reels and 15 paylines. Bets vary from 10p to £1 per payline, which places the maximum bet at £15. The paytable’s largest multiplier stands at 2000, which would result in a possible win of an epic £30,000! In the above GIF, there’s the Paytable Book, styled like a chunky Book of Spells. The symbols are attractive, ranging from spooky letters, a pumpkin, eyeballs and the witches. There are the usual Free Spins and Wild symbols, and with a possible 100 free spins to win, they definitely sound generous.

Which Witch by mFortune Screenshot with JackpotThis game is a progressive jackpot slots, which means a small portion of everyone’s wagers are entered into a jackpot. The more players, the higher the jackpot. When I played it, the game was just barely released but the jackpot stood at a generous £10,000. That’s TEN GRAND, much better than many others. Just to compare, the jackpot of another progressive slot, Furry Friends, currently stands at only £3927.33.


Which Witch by mFortune Screenshot of AutoPlayModeSince this isn’t your run-of-the-mill slot game, there is a very refined Auto-play Mode. You can set the number of lines and bet per line, as well as customize the number of spins that you want to go ahead with, from 5 to 25. Talk about earning money without lifting a finger! Wins don’t affect the auto-play; they’d just accumulate and the next spin goes on. If you reach the Feature Trail mini-game, auto-play stops. If at any time you feel like taking over manually, there’s a Stop button.

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Feature Trails

The mini-game is triggered if you get 2, 3, 4 or 5 Which Witch symbols in a row. The more consecutive symbols, the larger the multipliers. Then, the ugly Green Witch and the fairer White Witch get into battle for a few seconds, leaving you to root for one of them.

Which Witch by MFortune Screenshot Which Witch by mFortune Screenshot of Spinning WheelIf evil prevails, you’ll be treated to the Wheel of Fortune; if good does, you’ll play with the Crystal Balls. They’re rather self-explanatory, as you can see in the screenshots. Both games are games of luck with good chances at winning something. In the Crystal Ball, you’ll get 1 out of 3 chances at picking the right ball. The multipliers go up to 120 in these mini-games, and if you win, the mini-game goes on. I’ve played a few rounds of this game, and I’ve got a go at the Feature Trails at least once each time.  It isn’t just a gimmick, that’s for sure!

Once you’ve tried the game, tell me Which Witch treats you better! 😉



Which Witch mFortune - Battle

I had hoped that there would be a really good storyline, as slots games haven’t quite caught up with other mainstream games on this aspect. The name “Which Witch” hints at a long-standing feud between good and evil. However, besides a short battle during the Feature Trail, we don’t really learn of why they’re fighting or if we should pick a side. I root for the White Witch because she’s prettier, her pop-ups are less ominous and every movie in the world tells us to pit against the Bad Guy. Except Jaguar’s awesome British Villains advertisement, of course. Is it #GoodToBeBad in the Which Witch?

This is, by far, my only complaint. If you long for a plot of some sort in slots or online gambling, check out Casumo Casino’s Adventure.

Many helpful tips

Which Witch by MFortune Screenshot which-witch-mfortune-screenshot 9This game tries to woo new players with the witches offering up helpful hints and tips at appropriate times. I imagine that even experienced players would appreciate her, as it means you wouldn’t have to poke around blindly to get a feel for the game. These on-screen tips are not overly disruptive, with the smooth graphics. However, I must say that I found the Wicked Witch quite annoying; she constantly popped up with discouraging messages!

HD Graphics

which-witch-mfortune-screenshotOne word, stunning. The witches are lovely; the green one hasn’t got a single wart in sight! The developers had covered all the little details, even the paylines were labelled with numbers in vials of colourful potions. The Book of Spells flips with proper sound effects, while the witches zoom across your screen with tips. Coins spill forth when there’s a winning combination. The animations are smooth and the use of the theme isn’t blatantly tacky. The music’s fits the theme well; it’s haunted and mesmerizing at the same time, to lure you into staying in their world.

5-star game!

Since mFortune is an experienced casino with an arsenal of great games, we had definitely expected nothing less than a great game. This game exceeds expectations, mine at the very least. It offers plenty chances at earning money and is gorgeous at the same time. So, start playing now and tell me if you like it too!

Play Which Witch at mFortune now

Just a side note, this game is only launched on mFortune’s mobile site at the time of writing. I’m sure a browser version is in the works, as well as an iPhone version. Be sure to use your Android phone. May luck be on your side as you spin away!  

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