Review of Treasure Island Mobile Slot by Quickspin

treasure island slotTwo years is a long time to last in the mobile slots scene. With hundreds of mobile slots coming out every year, across hundreds of mobile casinos, there’s a massive amount of competition to go around. Yet against all odds, Treasure Island by Quickspin is still around and still drawing crowds.

Two years into its lifetime – and with fresh new updates made to the game – we thought it was time to give it a full review for our readers and give them the complete picture of how Treasure Island has lasted so long and whether it’s still worth checking out at your mobile casino, if you haven’t already done so.

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Game Overview

Release Date November 2013
Software Provider Quickspin
Slot typeVideo Slot
PlatformAndroid App, iPhone App, Browser
Return to Player (RTP)97.07%
RiskMedium to Low
Slot Reels/ Paylines5×4 reels/ 40 paylines
Min/ Max Bets50p – £200
Max Win£30,000
Free SpinsFree play mode
Features Free Spins, Bonus Stage, Wild Symbol
Current Jackpot N/A
Pros Solid Bonus Stage, Cohesive Theme
Cons Selection glitch in Bonus Stage
VerdictFour stars

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bonus icons

Bonus Round symbols during regular reel spinning

bonus round

Bonus Stage where you select x areas to dig for treasure

wild round

Wild Round where cannonballs randomly hit areas of the screen for bonuses

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Treasure Island is treasure island symbolsmade up of a 5×4 reel layout. This gives the slot 40 paylines with a maximum win of £30,000. The game plays like most other slots, where the player must make a line of a minimum of 3 of the same icon along pay lines, in order to win money.

The game’s symbols include:

  • Standard A,J,K and 10 symbols
  • Face symbols representing different pirates, all of which are worth increasing amounts of money
  • Two types of Wild reels, with Blue barrel Wild reels and Golden chest Wild reels
  • Bonus compass reels

Wild reels differwild reel gold in how they affect the game. Golden chest Wild reels work the same as regular Wild reels do, allowing you to connect dispersed symbols of the same type across a payline as long as they’re connected by a wild reel.

Alternatively, Blue barrel Wild reels will start a bonus point stage when the player rolls 2 of them. When this happens, you can earn bonus money during a minigame. Your bonus will be increased by how many Golden chest Wild reels you have on screen as well. So the Wild reels do separate things, but are connected in how much money they will earn you together.

Bonus compass reels will allow the player to gain free spins, bonus money or give the player access to a bonus round where they have to find buried treasure in order to score big money.

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Treasure Islands two big features are its Wild reels bonus and its bonus stage.

Wild Reels Bonus

Treasure Island hawild reel blues 2 different types of Wild slot, but only one of them initiates the Wild reels bonus. When the player spins 2 of the Blue barrel wild reels, they initiate the Wild reels bonus mode. There are only 2 Blue barrel wild symbols and they are limited to specific reels.

Once in this mode, all the other reels will fade out except for the Blue barrel Wild symbols and Golden chest Wild symbols. Golden chest Wild symbols don’t initiate the Wild reels bonus round. During the standard game they act like regular wild reels, allowing you to connect symbols of the same type across gaps in order to complete pay lines. During the Wild reels bonus round, they will add to your winnings, but are not integral to taking part in it.

A cannon will randomly fire at the screen, hitting certain areas of the grid. The player will receive money if an area containing a Wild reels symbol of any colour is destroyed. If a Wild reels symbol is hit, then two windows adjacent to the Wild reel willwild reel round also be destroyed.

Golden chest wild reels can come in groups of up to three and there will always be two Blue barrel Wild reels present on screen as well, since these are required to start the bonus round in the first place. The chances of getting a Wild reel hit can increase rapidly if one is struck and they’re grouped close together.

Wild reel symbols are limited to certain reels in order to prevent combos from becoming too high, but it is possible to chain them to a limited degree.

After three shots have been fired, the total score is then tallied up.

Bonus Round

bonus reelWhen three bonus compass symbols are span, then the player will get the choice to choose one of three bonuses by selecting the bonus compasses. Each bonus compass hides a secret bonus, which can either be free spins, bonus money or a bonus treasure hunt round.

Free spins and bonus money are self explanatory, offering you either 10 free spins or a £1 in bonus money. The bonus round is the most interesting aspect of the bonus compasses and offers a drastically different play experience.

You are presented with a map, featuring five potential treasure burial sites, with x marking the spot. You have two chances to select a burial site, which then pays you out a cash prize, free spins or gives you a choice of treasure chests. If the player receives a choice of treasure chests, they must select from one of three treasure chests in order to win a cash prize, which will be significantly higher than what you would usually dig up.

treasure hunt

At the end of the round, all your cash winnings and any bonus multipliers you may have unlocked are added together, giving you your final win.

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In terms of performance, Treasure Island runs like a dream for the most part. On desktop it never once crashed or stuttered at all, running smooth the whole way.

The story was similar on mobile, though the game features a lot of fancy effects and lots of action on screen at some points; so those with more budget phones should be aware that the slot may be taxing for their hardware.treasure dig glitch

The only real technical issue we ran into was a glitch that occurred once during the bonus game. The hit box, which is the area that the game registers  where you clicked on the screen, selected a different x area than we wanted during the bonus round.

Since the bonus game of digging up treasure is random, it wasn’t an issue that it selected another area, since it wasn’t a strategic move. Any area was as good as any other, since both outcomes were unknown. But the fact that it did cause an error in our selection was still an annoyance the time it happened. The game is still very well made and glitch free the rest of the time, but that was one of the errors we came across during play.

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Final Opinion

Treasure Island is a solid slot game. It’s certainly not the mTreasure Island Slot Quickspinost original slot we’ve ever played, but the fact it’s been in use for two years at this point, is a fact in its favour. The lack of originality is made up for with some very nice features such as a bonus round and Wild round that really mix up your play.

Quickspin didn’t have to put these features in there, so the fact they went to the extra effort is really appreciated and has helped Treasure Island stand out from the crowd.

Overall, we can’t recommend Treasure Island on the basis that it’s something you haven’t seen before. There’s certainly stranger and more innovative slots that have come along since its release.

But what Treasure IDroid Slots' Stamp of Approvalsland does offer is a cohesive themed slot, with great attention put into the way it looks and plays. There’s enough varied game modes in this slot to mix up your playtime and they come along frequently enough that they actually affect the game and your winnings.

So if you’re looking for a slot that’s had a lot of care put into it, look no further than Treasure Island by Quickspin.

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