How Safe Are Mobile Casinos? How to Protect Yourself

mobile securityHacking has always been a problem, but as of late, it seems to be an increasing issue to large companies. Usually it’s just an interesting news story, but when it’s your money at play, it suddenly becomes a lot less interesting.

This might have made many of you worry if depositing money with your mobile casinos is safe any more. We’ll aim to put your mind at ease by running through the measures mobile casinos go to in order to protect your money, where you can find these security measures. We’ll even let you know what you can do to protect yourself further.


Encrypting Your Data

The industry standard for encrypting credit and debit card data is called “128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL)” digital encryption. It’s the system that banks and most other bank securitycompanies, such as Apple and Amazon, use to protect bank data.

If you do deposit or withdraw via bank transfers, it’s integral that your casino uses this encryption method. It’s the industry standard because it’s the most effective form.

There have been a few horror stories about company’s being hacked for their users bank data. In 2011, Sony’s Playstation division were hacked and 77 million users’ personal and bank information was stolen. It turns out, they had been storing credit and debit card information as a txt file, with no encryption aside from a simple password.

Whenever you hear stories about bank details being stolen, it’s always because they usually didn’t use this encryption method. It’s hard to crack and people hate trying to do it, so always look for the casinos who are using it.

The Regulators To Watch Out For

The best indicator that a casino cares about its security is who’s regulating it. The big security regulators to look out for would be eCogra. They’re one of the official regulators of encryption and security for UK gambling.

econgraAs always, the official regulator to look out for is the UKGC, United Kingdom Gambling Commission. They are the overall regulator for UK gambling, so if a casino isn’t sporting their name, you shouldn’t be with them. The UKGC also has a hand in checking basic security with casinos, so if their names on the casino’s site, it’s more than likely that their security systems have been checked to meet minimum requirements.

But if you are extra security concious, regulators like eCogra will have made sure their protection is completely up to standard.

Where To Find This Information

The number one rule is to always check the bottom of the casino’s homepage. If casinos have any licences or stand out security measures, they’re more than likely to shout about them from the rooftops

The three things to look out for are:


Licences let you know who has the right to host gambling in the first place. The key ukgcregulator here, if dealing with a UK based casino is the UKGC. However, foreign casinos may use other regulators, so just be aware of the country they’re located in and the regulators for those areas.

Licences can be found:

  • Most likely at the bottom of the main page
  • In the site FAQ

License information not being available on the front page should bring up warning flags. If you can’t find any mention of licences, then don’t use the casino.

Encryption Regulators

These will include places like eCongra, but it could be a handful of others. If you see a name mentioned in regards to their security, do a Google search to see if they’re a legitimate regulator.

Casinos don’t need these regulators to run a casino, so at the very least you’re also looking for mention of SSL encryption, which is the industry standard, failing mention of a regulator by name. The information should be found:

  • Possibly at the bottom of the main page
  • Most likely in the site FAQ

If you see no mention of any encryption or security measures then we wouldn’t suggest depositing there.

Your Own Bank’s Securitybank fraud

One simple method you can do on your time is pick a bank with good security itself. Even with the best security, your details could always be stolen, so it’s best to find a bank that will respond quickly to fraud.

This can be found on your bank’s website, or simply by going through their customer support.

Things You Can Do To Protect Yourself

There’s only so much that can be achieved by your mobile casino’s own security. They can do a lot, but there’s a few small behaviours you can pick up while depositing that’ll protect you even further.

  • Only go to the best rated casinos
  • Install good antivirus and malware software. Scan your system regularly
  • Don’t share your login details with anyone
  • Give correct contact information when you sign up. This way you can be contacted quickly by your casino if there are any issues

How You Pay

For the ultra security conscious, there are of course alternative payment methodspayment methods which you can use which will create a gap between your casino and your bank details.

  • Mobile depositing
  • eWallets
  • Paysafecard

All of the above allow you to deposit and withdraw without storing your bank details with the casino themselves. This means if anything happens to your casino, it won’t affect any of your banking history, but may possibly put other personal data at risk which can lead to security issues.

Android Pay and Apple Pay are making huge leaps in security. Both these methods don’t store your data, but instead convert your bank and card details into a new account number, which can charge money to your bank, but by itself is meaningless to anyone who steals it.

Hopefully, when these methods are more available, people can feel a lot safer using their card details online.

Final Points

At the end of the day, how mobile casino securesafe your details are, relies on how safe you want to be. The best casinos have amazing protection and will be open about it. As long as you pay attention to who you give your details to and take some extra precautions, you should have no issue with mobile casinos.

Mobile casinos can be very safe, you just have to make sure you visit the right ones. For a list of some of the safest casinos around, check out our own list of the top 20 mobile casinos.

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