Are You Misspelling these Gambling Terms?

MisspellingListen. We’re all human. We all make mistakes from time-to-time and we’re not all the best spellers. And with auto-correct being present on most phones these days, some very awkward situations can arise from a badly placed/misspelled word. In online gambling, however, it appears a lot of us are pretty bad spellers. According to a recent study by Search Engine Watch, the UK has the largest numbers of misspellings, specifically when it comes to gambling terms, in our search engines. Whoops.

A Costly Error

spending moneyAccording to the article, a company can gain up to £148 for every click of each keyword. Imagine how much a company must lose when you type a word into the search that’s spelled incorrectly! So this is why companies like Google have suggested searches… They don’t want to improve your English. They just want to make sure that their clients don’t lose out on potential dosh.

So, do a company a favour. Next time you search for video poker, make sure it’s not video porker otherwise you’ll cost them £148. You might also encounter a lot of videos of pigs.

The Most Common Misspellings

So what can we do to avoid these mistakes? We’ve compiled a guide of some of the most common typos in gambling and given the correct version so that you can get the right result every time you use Google. Because, let’s face it, who uses Bing?

check-logo Meaningcross-logo Meaning
 Phone CasinoWhere you SHOULD play.Phoney Casino What you should AVOID.
Mobile GamblingA fun past-time.Mobile Grumbling. Where a friend calls you to complain about their day.
High Stakes PokerA table game.Fried Steaks Poker A cooking tool.
Video SlotA game to play on your phone.Video ShockAn old horror VHS.
RouletteA table game.RatatouilleA delicious vegetable dish.
Live PokerPoker played in real time.Life PokerSomeone who prods a life with a stick.
Casino SiteA website dedicated to gambling.Casino SightYou see nothing but casinos everywhere .

And there you have it. There are some of the most common misspellings/typos found in the UK gambling search census! Use this guide and you’re bound to get what you’re searching for in no time!


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