Habanero Gaming Set To Release Their New Jugglenaut Slot

jugglenaut-slot-game-habaneroHabanero Gaming has just revealed its all new slot game titled Jugglenaut. Jugglenaut is a nightmarish new game, which takes place within a horrific circus, complete with insane clowns and masked fire jugglers.This is by far one of the most graphically impressive and unique slot themes that Habanero have ever released.

But the way a mobile slot looks is only surface deep and the re-playability of a slot comes from the gameplay it delivers, to keep players coming back for more. So now we’ve had a chance to get a good look at Jugglenaut, is it all style, or is there some substance coming along with it?

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Jugglenaut Slot Features

These are the basics you get when you load up Jugglenaut:

  • 5×3 reel slot with 50 paylines
  • Wild and scatter symbols
  • Re-triggerable free spins bonus round with additional multiplier
  • Scatter symbol dependent number of free spins

Jugglenaut Free Spins Bonus Round

Jugglenaut is a very feature light slot, only coming with a single bonus round, which is a scatter triggered free spins round. However, with only one single bonus round, there are some additional details which give the free spins round an added layer of depth.

The number of free spins you receive during your bonus is dependent on how many scatter symbols you spin. You have to spin three scatter symbols as a minimum to activate the bonus round, but scatter symbols appear on every reel of the slot, meaning that you can begin a bonus round with up to five scatter symbols active on the reels.

jugglenaut-multiplier-bonus-featureEvery scatter symbol gives the player two free spins to play with, giving the basic free spins round six free spins in total, with every additional scatter symbol giving players another two free spins.

The surprises don’t end once you activate the free spins bonus round. You also get an additional multiplier on all your free spins, which is determined by a wheel of multipliers which is spun before the round begins. Players can receive between a 2x — 5x multiplier on each free spin.

Once they enter the free spins round, players will then find scatter symbols are also still available, which means the free spins round can be re-triggered. When the bonus round is active, there are only three scatter symbols on the slot, which means that players can only re-trigger a basic free spins round and can’t spin any further scatter symbols to give them an increased number of free spins in the re-triggered bonus round.

Play Jugglenaut When It Launches Late November

Jugglenaut is a mixed bag depending ojugglenaut-free-spins-bonus-roundn what you expect from a slot. If you want a traditional slot experience, with some wild symbols, a bonus round and the chance to win some cash, then Jugglenaut has more than enough for you. It’ll give you the game you’re looking for, with enough added extras to improve your playtime and possibly bring about some bigger wins.

However, those who are fans of studios like NetEnt, who are looking for innovative and fresh slot game ideas, won’t find that here. Jugglenaut is a great looking and creatively themed slot with a lot to offer, it just depends on what you’re looking for. It’s set to release later in November and you can find it over at Casumo when it does.

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