Why Online Video Slots Equal Big Money for Mobile Casinos

Man Surrounded by Falling MoneyIt goes without saying that online video slots like Spiñata Grande, Starburst and Koi Princess are everywhere. Even if the main selling point of a mobile gambling site is bingo like Touch My Bingo it still has some slots to go by.

Why is this? Why do we encounter slots wherever we go? Well, there’s a simple answer, really — because it makes a lot of money. Not just for the players but the casinos too. And this is why, if you haven’t been doing so before, you need to play more slot games now. Without them, casinos could potentially go bust.

logo for uk gambling commissionHow have we come to this conclusion? The UK Gambling Commission has recently come out with industry statistics from the last five months that have some very telling details.

This is a first from them, too, as the previous figures they released in November 2014 did not show data from all operators offering online betting and gaming services. This is due to a lack of license to do so.

Just so you know, this information covers data from between November 2014 to March 2015.

So what do the figures say? Well, turns out during that five-month period, the gross gaming revenue for the UK i-gaming sector in its entirety was £1.45bn. Blimey! From this figure alone we can estimate that online gambling in the UK is big business.

Cascading online slots imagesBut if we look at the figures in greater detail we can see the biggest portion of that figure owes its debt to online casino yield, generating £834m in revenue. Awesome. If you’re thinking of starting a business, it would seem this is the market to go for.

Betting in general as £472.7m while betting exchange made up to £55.7m. Online bingo GGY was £82.6m and pool betting £6.3m. Table games like blackjack and roulette contributed a summation of £140.3m whilst sports betting totalled at around £296.3m.

But the most impressive figure of all? Slots altogether brought in a staggering £532.5m. Blimey. So if any of our dear readers plan on setting up a mobile casino then it’s pretty much required you have a few slot games.

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