Yggdrasil Gaming Set To Expand With New Parent Company

yggdrasil logoSince Google announced the launch of Alphabet, it’s been all the rage for brands to create parent holding companies which allow them to expand in new areas without compromising their established presence. The latest company to follow in this new tradition is Yggdrasil Gaming – the Swedish online and mobile slots developer which has gone from strength to strength since its launch roughly three years ago. This week the developer announced it will be creating a brand new company to be based in Stockholm, which will encompass Yggdrasil, and any new brands they choose to launch.

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As well as a new headquarters, Yggdrasil will be recruiting a brand new team, including a whole load of new graphics experts to make their already visually stunning games even more eye-popping.

Something New Or Business As Usual?

One of the big questions hanging over Yggdrasil’s decision to create a new parent company is simply why they’re choosing to make such a move. The answer seems to lie in Yggdrasil’s success story. There’s no doubt that Yggdrasil has grown rapidly, even by the fast paced standards of the mobile casino industry, and it’s not a stretch of the imagination to realise that that kind of growth may not have been anticipated by the original management team.

In a statement put out by Chief Executive for Yggdrasil, Fredrik Elmqvist, it was made clear that while Yggdrasil was great at making games, its management was keen to ensure it had the business side of things in shape to remain competitive in the marketplace. Elmqvist spoke of the need to “create a corporate structure that will enhance our growth potential in the future.” So while it’s unclear if the direction of the company will change in any discernible way, it’s clear that Yggdrasil very much sees itself having a larger part to play in the industry.

Yggdrasil Slots

When Yggdrasil games started popping up at mobile casinos a few years ago, it was obvious from the outset there was something special going on. No one since NetEnt had managed to fuse such impressive graphics with such compelling gameplay, and players everywhere instantly fell in love with the idiosyncratic slots being put out by the new developer on the block.

Yggdrasil Superheroes Slot CharactersBig jackpot games like The Jokerizer helped really put Yggdrasil on the map, while the company’s ability to create great slots over a varied array of themes was demonstrated through disparate releases like Wicked Circus, Monkey King and Golden Fishtank. Yggdrasil’s most exciting project to date is arguably its upcoming Superheroes slot, which aims to cash in on the current cultural obsession with super-humans to offer an action-packed slot filled to the rafter with special features.

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