Treasure Blast Goes Live at Probability Casinos!

Treasure Blast slot poster

There’s a brand new game on the scene at all Probablity casinos to provide you, the gamer, with some explosive good fun. Inspired by the beautiful aesthetic of Chinese festival culture, Treasure Blast is full of mystical symbols including rockets, dragons, lanterns and so on.

Expect to be bombarded by colour and noise when playing this exotic slot, with a dragon that will shower the reels with coins if you hit a big win and rockets which shoot across the reels to accumulate free spins.

At A Glance

Treasure Blast demo screenshot

Hit enough symbols and trigger the Dragon’s Treasure Blast!

This slot is, at a glance, mayhem. Expect to see fireworks exploding behind the reels as you spin this 40 pay-line 5 reel slot from IGT (Probability’s parent company).

The confetti bomb symbol is the one you should be looking out for here, as if you hit five you’ll trigger a treasure blast – cue a mystical Chinese dragon floating out over the reels and breathing fire and coins all over the place. Pretty crazy, but damn good fun. You can also expect to see other unique symbols such as the emperor, the lion statue, a medallion and the treasure chest.


Key Feature

Rockets will from time to time appear on the first reel. After they’re lit they shoot across the reels from left to right, exploding any confetti bombs they come across and turning them wild. Each rocket will award a bonus game, which can be played at any time.

The key feature of Treasure Burst is the bonus game. Here you choose your bet level and simply click the ‘lighter’ which will ignite your bonus rockets. In this mode, all confetti bombs appearing on the reels (there are quite a lot of them) will turn to wilds – immediately triggering some enormous wins. Play the bonus spins as they come, or accumulate as many as possible for the biggest wins.

Probability Casinos

Treasure Blast is now live at all Probability casinos, check out the full in-depth reviews of some of our favourites here at DroidSlots:

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