New Moon Heralds Exciting Bingo Opportunities

United Bingo LogoMobile bingo is big business and online bingo sites are expanding all the time to offer mobile versions of their games as popularity and demand continue to skyrocket. We are delighted to bring you news of yet another mobile bingo release and it’s a big one. United Bingo will be releasing four of its online bingo sites for mobile and bringing out an entirely new casino site for mobile players.

It makes sense that bingo has proved such a success on people’s mobiles – it is a quick and exciting game that offers games with a range of lengths and costs. United Bingo has identified the players’ love for the game and has according announced the release of Moon Bingo, Gossip Bingo, Robin Hood Bingo and Polo Bingo on mobile.

All of these sites are currently available as online versions, but to increase the time and places players can access their favourite games, United Bingo has decided to make them all mobile friendly. So we thought we’d check each of these sites out and below you’ll find what we think is the best feature of each.

The exciting new Moon Games site is a casino with over 200 slots and games available. The big draw of Moon Games (apart from the tides) is that it has a £1500 welcome bonus to help make new players feel at home.

TPolo Bingo Logohe cousin of Moon Games is Moon Bingo. The best thing we could see about this bingo site is the £2000 that can be won every night in their ‘3ree 4 Free’ Room; basically, you can enter for free (as long as you deposit £10 into your account), and you can stand to win up to £2000!

Polo Bingo offers players a little glamour. With a range of bingo rooms offering great games and a few slots thrown in to boot, there’s something for everyone. As part of the £1000 welcome bonus, players can enjoy a 200% bonus on their first deposits of up to £200.

We absolutely love the community vibe at Gossip Bingo. Regular readers will know how highly we value casinos that get involved with players and bring people together. At Gossip Bingo, this is exactly what they do: there are great chat rooms with very attentive chat hosts, who really keep the conversations flowing. Players can also enjoy little bits of celebrity gossip that the hosts bring them from time to time.

Robin Hood BingoJust like the eponymous hero and his band of merry men, it’s all about loyalty at Robin Hood Bingo. If you simply log into your account every day, you’re set to enjoy a load of free coins to play with; these can also be earned by players bringing their friends along to play. Faithfulness and camaraderie – all seems pretty much right for the men in tights.

To top it all off, United Bingo’s bingo sites all offer a great array of bingo games and a ton of slots.

Even the United Bingo’s CEO recognised the importance of mobile gaming: “Considering mobile gambling has seen a huge increase in the last year, we are very pleased with the launch of our new acquisition and retention channel”. We think all mobile players should be looking forward to enjoying an even wider choice of mobile bingo sites. Don’t forget, more sites means more competition between sites, which usually results in great promotions and offers for players.  Keep your eyes peeled!

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