Casumo Offers Dream Trip Challenge

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Casumo Casino is famous for its adventurous approach to casino gaming, because to the little sumo in the plane up there, the journey is just as important as the destination. There’s a brand new casino challenge afoot and this time the destination is in your hands – be the master of your own destiny and win the trip of a lifetime!

Play the Casumo challenge!

How to Enter

Casumo sumo wrestlerThe casino challenge runs between the 23rd September and the 9th October. All you have to do to enter is choose your difficulty level from easy, medium and hard (each level corresponds to the minimum spin amount) and complete the tasks in order as they appear. Tasks include things like:

  • Spin 150 times on any slot
  • 2 big wins in [Insert slot title here]
  • Win 5 times in a row on [Insert slot title here]

You can start your challenge at any time and complete it as many times as you want, the best result will always be saved. Once you’ve completed the challenge, your result will be ranked with those who completed it in the fewest spins first.

What Can You Win?

The details are all still rather hush-hush about the breakdown of the prize fund but rumour has it the three difficulty levels will share a grand prize fund of around £30,000, with the overall winner taking home a dream trip worth £10,000 to the destination of their choice. Now that’s a competition I’d like to get involved in.

Play the Casumo challenge!

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