Win a Trip to Vegas with Leo Vegas Casino’s “Gone To Vegas” Pranks

gone to vegasIn the wake of their new “Gone To Vegas” advertising campaign, Leo Vegas is offering the chance for you to actually head over to Las Vegas. All you have to to win this amazing prize is lie to your loved ones. Okay, that’s an extreme way of putting it. What you have to do is message someone, telling them you’re off to Vegas. You then post their reaction to @LeoVegasUK on Twitter or Instagram. The best reaction wins the prize.

Go To Las Vegas with leo vegas!

How To Go To Vegas With Leo Vegas

Leo Vegas’ own advert does a good job of summing up the basic concept.

How To Enter

All you have to do to enter is send a twitter gone to vegasmessage to someone telling them you’ve gone to Vegas. This person can be literally anyone. Once you receive their reaction, you then post a screenshot of the conversation to @LeoVegasUK to Twitter or Instagram, using the tag #GoneToVegas so they can see it.

The funniest reaction will win the entire competition. Best of all, it’s all done through social media, so it’s completely free to enter and you can have as many goes as you want. The competition ends on Monday 8th February 2016 and the winner will be notified on the same day.

You’ll have to be contactable by the same email or Twitter handle that you post the image with or else you won’t find out if you’ve won or not.

The Rules

There are very few restrictions that come with the competition. The major ones are that you have to be 18 or over to take part. You have to be happy with Leo Vegas possibly using your tweet in advertising and the screenshot has to be real, of course.

Leo Vegas will also not be responsible for any identifying information you leave in your message, nor will they be responsible if your tweet gets deleted and therefore, discounted. Plus, Leo Vegas can cancel the competition at any time.

Oh and tough luck if you work for Leo Vegas themselves or are a relative of an employee there, since you also can’t enter. Although we assume you probably already know about that.

A full list of the rules can be found if you follow the link, but that’s all you really need to know.

The Prize

The prize is actually a lot more open ended than you’d think. If you don’t fancy going to Vegas, then you’re in luck. You receive a £500 Thomas Cook Holiday gift card. This can be used to travel wherever you want.

You can lie about going to Vegas during the competition, but if you win, then you can go anywhere you want and then still lie about going to Vegas.


Leo Vegas are always pretty stellar wLeo Vegas Festivalhen it comes to competitions and promotions. This time it’s no different. You can head on over to their social media and enter their competition as quick as it takes you to send and receive a text.

We’ll be watching their Twitter stream eagerly to see who won, and to hopefully see our own names. In the meantime, they’ve got a pretty good casino as well, so if you want more from Leo Vegas, then head over there to pass the time before the 8th February deadline rolls round.

have a go at the leo vegas casino too!

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