Casinos Must Now Tweet Responsible Gambling Messages

responsible gambling twitterGambling regulators aren’t just monitoring casino’s social responsibility in their TV advertising anymore. That social responsibility is being monitored within individual tweets. From 10th March, the big names in gambling such as Ladbrokes, Betfair, Paddy Power and William Hill will have to include responsible gambling messages regularly on their social media feeds.

The rules have been introduced by the Senet Group, a gambling watchdog who aims for the promotion of responsible gambling within the industry.

Senet Enforce Responsible Gambling On Social Media

The social media of casinos will have to include adssenet group that have been produced by the Senet Group. This isn’t just limited to Twitter, but all social media and web platforms that are used as part of the provider’s online presence.

The Senet Group’s chair and independent standards commissioner, Wanda Goldwag, said the move was necessary since “it’s important that operators are socially responsible in the way that they promote gambling, whatever channels they use”. A study funded by the Responsible Gambling Trust (RGT) found that there are around 877 Twitter accounts focused on gambling promotion in the UK alone.

The New Age of Advertising

The UKGC and other gambling watchdogssenet responsible gambling ad have been quick to leap on social media. Threats and increased restrictions have been placed on gambling advertising within the last few months, with social media being the most recent ad platform to be hit by regulation.

It appears that the gambling regulators are very much aware that the methods by which people receive their news and are targeted by ads has shifted over to social media significantly in recent years. It appears to be yet another example of the UK regulators following through on the promises they made back in 2015.

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