Droid Slot’s Top 5: Top 5 Best Slots

On this week’s Top 5, we’re taking a look at the best mobile slots around. From classic like Gonzo’s Quest to Slingo, we’re judging everything from innovation, polish and simply fun; to find the ultimate list of great slots.

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Where To Find The Games Mentioned

Dazzle Me

Dazzle Me is an innovative slot game that turns the regular slot layout on its head. With a new 3x3x3x4x5 reel layout, the combination of lines and wins on offer is completely shifted around. If you can handle the new look, then it’s an experience worth trying out.

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Slingo Riches

Combining Bingo and Slots, Slingo Riches combines strategy and spins for a very rewarding slots experience. Spinning the reels reveals numbers, which are marked off your bingo card. Rolling Joker’s Heads then lets you mark off particular numbers off your card, to try and complete the lines you want. It’s a blast and a great way to mix up both games in one go.

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Diddly Diddly Dosh 2

A regular Irish slot game, possibly. But combine that with a host of extra minigames and you won’t even recognize the regular slot game beneath it. With reflex games, such as stopping the largest number of clovers on screen, to a boardgame setup where you have to land on certain squares for huge bonuses; DDD2 is a thrill ride from start to finish.

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Gonzo’s Quest

It’s been a round a while and the quality of the game shows why. A connect 3 game, combined with a slots game; Gonzo’s Quest is a very satisfying slot to play. By combining lines, any matching slots that make up a line will smash, causing more slots to fall onto the screen. If this creates further lines, then the process is continued. Huge combos and bonuses can arise from just one spin; creating a tense slots game everytime.

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Greedy Goblinz

A newcomer to the slot’s world, brings with it a new way to play. Greedy Goblinz only allows the player to make lines vertically on each spin. Goblinz of descending sizes eat each other, in order to gain points for the player. When a Goblin eats 2 other Goblinz, it explodes, giving the player a money bonus. These lines can cascade for several iterations, increasing the player’s bonuses and winnings.

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