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Droid Slots DorothyDroid Slots is the UK's premier resource for news, information and guides related to mobile casinos and mobile gaming. Our dedicated team of writers ensures that you're kept up to speed on all the latest developments in mobile casinos, and we are confident that our readers have the biggest edge when it comes to playing mobile slots and casino games.

We concern ourselves with every aspect of mobile casinos, meaning that whether you're a total novice, or hardened veteran of mobile gaming, our help, hints and tips will prove useful for you.


News by Droid SlotsOur team of writers is always on the lookout for the most recent and important developments in the mobile gaming industry. We are the first to bring you news of launch of new games, announcements of new casinos and start of new promotions, on top of this, we share stories related to the industry which matter to you.

Keep an eye out on our news pages for all the latest, and check out our Weekly news Roundups for handy bite-size snippets to keep you in the loop. We also pride ourselves on having good relationships with many casinos, which affords us the opportunity to attain exclusive bonuses and promotional codes for our readers!


Casino and Game Reviews (Stars under Microscope)While hearing when new games and casinos are set to launch is important, what’s equally important is knowing whether it’s worth your while going and playing them. This is where our handy review articles come in to their own. We take our time and care looking into all elements of new launches to bring our readers both highly detailed casino reviews and honest slot game reviews.


GuidesWe like to think that our news and reviews will help any player get the best out of mobile casinos, but we understand that for beginners, or even for quite experienced players, a little advice can prove invaluable for players wanting to get the edge. Our guide articles cover all aspects of playing, from starting out to understanding the intricacies of the mobile casino industry.

For new players, you could do worse than checking our Victoria's blog on starting to play at mobile casinos.

A bite-sized version of these guides can also be found on our Slideshare profile. We post professional presentations and infographics for every topic concerning mobile casinos and the iGaming industry.


Youtube Videos and Facebook OffersWe understand that many of our readers, and by extension many mobile gamers, use social media platforms as a key or main way to find out about mobile casino and games. This is why Droid Slots has a strong presence on sites like YouTube – where you can find exclusive in-game footage and slot reviews – and Facebook – where you can enjoy access to exclusive offers and bonus content you won't find anywhere else.

Droid Slots is also an active user of information sharing site SlideShare. Through SlideShare we're able to produce and share amazing slide shows and infographics which help our readers navigate every aspect of mobile casinos with ease. Covering topics as wide ranging as banking to gamification, our SlideShare presentations are clear, easy to follow, and a great way to educate yourself on all the most important casino topics.

On top of our own social media channels, we keep a close eye on the social media behaviour of mobile casinos, and every quarter we publish the “Droid Slots' Social Media Activity & Popularity Index for UK Mobile Casinos” which allows us to keep track of how successful casinos are at connecting with their players over social media. It is seen by players and industry experts alike as a key indicator of the health of mobile casinos.


The selection process to become a writer for Droid Slots is not an easy one. You must demonstrate a great knowledge of and passion for mobile gaming, and be able to share your ideas about it in an accessible way. Each of our writers specialises in different aspects of mobile casino gaming, meaning that each has a niche understanding of their topics.

Droid Slots Team November 2014

While Victoria is our resident expert on the game and casino reviews, Duncan provides all the news and comic strips. While Arpit covers everything to do with help guides (including banking and opinion pieces), Martina provides us with industry insights through interviews with top casino executives (and assists Victoria get through all those reviews).

Filling in the gaps we have David – who has a particular interest in Bitcoin and jackpot slots; Fiona – who will fill you in on everything gamification as well as looking at Ukash and the software providers who make the games we love ; and of course Nayana – who has a finger in every pie, making sure everything stays on course with the site.

Head to our Meet the Team page to, umm, meet the team!

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Droid Slots strives to be the most complete and reliable resource for mobile casino players. We hope that the information we share with our readers is useful, and take pains to ensure that it is presented in a accessible and engaging way. If you have any comments, questions or (hopefully not) complaints, we’d love to hear from you; simply head to our contact page, or leave a message or comment on our Facebook.

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