Binary Options

Like the toss of a coin, some things in life can only go one way or the other. Anticipating which of the binary outcomes will come through may be guess work, but if you get it right, it can prove very lucrative. With Binary Options betting, gaming is as easy as picking option one, or option two, and seeing how the universe works everything out.

In the gambling world, binary options are also known as digital options, binary trading, binary betting and fixed odds reading. Despite all the complicated names, betting on binary options are pretty simple. When you buy a binary option, you are betting on whether the price of an asset will fall or rise in the future. After all, its called binary because there can only be two outcomes, 1 or 0, or in this case, win or lose.

In this category, we will give you a thorough overview of binary options, including basic key concepts, the types of trade, and also helping you to set up a free demo account. On top of all that we will also give you insights on how to trade successfully with trading strategies to help you turn consistent profits.

Slide Show: The (Bite-Sized) Ultimate Guide to Binary Options

The Binary Options market is perfect for those wishing to be the Wolf of Wall street without all the rampant drug abuse, adultery, car crashes, helicopter crashes and capsizing yachts… This is because Binary Options Brokers provide the client with a platform to speculate on whether a given asset's value will rise or fall over a specific period of time, without the need to buy in to a company.

In fact, by educating yourself properly (starting with our introduction to binary options) this new market can provide endless opportunities as you build your perfect trading strategy. We've put together this presentation to cover all the binary bases in one go:

The Droid Slots Show Episode 5: Binary Options and Cutting-Edge Games

In this episode of the Droid Slots Show, Hannah delves even deeper into the world of iGaming and explains the basics of binary options betting with easy-to-understand graphics and some screenshots. Slot aficionados will appreciate her list of the three most exciting software developers in the market today, namely Rabcat Gaming, Thunderkick and Leander Games. You don’t want to miss the actual gameplay footage in this segment. Buckle up and press play. Read more >

Playtech to Acquire Plus500 Binary Options Trading

It may be just a matter of weeks since we heard of Playtech’s acquisition of binary options brand TradeFX, but it already seems that the developer has moved on to its next conquest. Today it was announced that Playtech had forked out another few hundred million pounds for yet another binary options (also known as binary trading) company. This time round, it’s the relative newcomer Plus500 which has attracted Playtech’s attention.

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PDF Download: Binary Options Guide

high resolution guide bannerThat's all folks! We've reached the end of our Binary Options Guide! But you didn't think we'd leave without giving you a goodbye present, did you? We've complied the whole guide into a handy PDF, just for you. Whether you want to refresh your binary knowledge or read the whole thing from scratch, it's now all available for you to download. Put it on your kindle, on your phone or even print it out (old school I know).  Simply click on the book below to download your free copy.  Happy Trading!

binary options guide pdf

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Binary Options Guide: FAQs

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So here we are, nearing the end of our guide and hopefully having made you a binary options genius. However, if you think somethings slipped past you, fear not! We've compiled all the questions and queries we can think of right here for you. If you've got a question we've missed, leave us a comment and we'll make sure we answer. Continue reading

Binary Options Guide: Industry Regulations

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Welcome back to our Binary Options Guide! In this instalment we'll be discussing the industry regulations of binary options because as most seasoned speculators will know, wherever there is a burgeoning financial industry there tends to be an undercurrent of shady dealings and poor regulations. This is not to say that speculating on binary options is guaranteed to lose you money- far from it- but there are steps to be taken to ensure you aren't one of the unlucky few.

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Binary Options Guide: Top Ten Broker Sites

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In this edition of our Binary Options Guide we'll be bringing you our ten favourite binary options brokers! If you've reached this article with absolute no idea what Binary Options are then check out Daisy's Binary Options Guide: An Introduction before moving onto the Key Concepts for Beginners.

The explosion of the binary options market in recent times has resulted in hundreds, if not thousands, of broker sites offering you the supposed best bonuses, the biggest range of bets and the brightest industry minds to educate you. So how do you make the transition from novice to expert? How do you know who you can trust? We've done the research in our Top Ten Binary Options Brokers!

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Binary Options Guide: Trading Strategies

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Throughout this guide we've been emphasizing the importance of practice when trading binary options.  We've talked you through fundamental and technical analysis and identified what makes for a good trader psychologically. Once you've got to grips with these fundamental ideas, finding a really good strategy is your next step to binary options success. Today we'll teach you about trading strategies and the how optimize your trading results by using them. We'll also be talking about the best places to find great strategy tips and how to avoid scams and costly ‘free strategies'. There's loads to be learnt but don't worry, we'll break it down as best we can. So, let's crack on…
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Playtech Acquires TradeFX Binary Options

Playtech LogoPlaytech – a top developer and a casino operator – released news this week that it had completed its acquisition of the binary options trade platform TradeFX, which had been announced last month. The trade, worth up to €458,000,000, sees Playtech take its first steps into the binary options industry. While it’s still up for debate whether binary options counts as gambling or trading, given its growing popularity, there’s no doubt this deal is a good move for Playtech. Continue reading

Binary Options Guide: How to Trade Successfully

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Welcome back to our Binary Options Guide! If you've been following our adventure into binary options so far, by now we think you should be pretty savvy and well on your way to trading. You know the strategies, the vocab and the importance of practice, but what else affects a trader’s fortune? Today we’ll be looking at the different mind-sets required to be good trader, and how mastering the psychological aspects of trading can lead to success. Continue reading