Casino Gamification

Gamification is the act of creating a holistic game environment for players to interact with when visiting a casino. This means that not only do the slots and casino games themselves employ game mechanics to keep players engaged and in the mood to play, but the casino itself becomes a ‘game’ to be played.

Gamification comes in many forms. You may not think of it as such, but something as simple as loyalty points are a gamification technique, while others include tournaments with leaderboards, player levels or tiers, or unlockable content. Once you have your eyes opened to how deep rooted gamification is in mobile casinos, you’ll be seeing it everywhere.

In this category we look at various ways in which casinos implement gamification concepts, and track new examples of gamification within the industry. Equally, we’ll give you tips on how to use gamified systems to your advantage; which it is true that casinos use gamification to keep you playing, a savvy player can turn tiered gaming and loyalty points to their advantage if they know how. Keep your eyes out for ways in which you can make gamification work for you.

Spin Genie Casino’s Hosting Amazing Weekly Facebook Competitions

spin genie facebookA great mobile casino tries to offer an experience larger than just the casino itself. Great mobile and online casinos offer the complete package, with the fun of the casino extending far beyond just the slots and games on offer.

Spin Genie is one of those great casinos. We've already praised Spin Genie's gamification at length in the past. But their social media competitions, primarily on Facebook, are where a majority of their bonus fun and competitions lie. So let's take a look at what you're missing out by not liking them on Facebook.

get more from your casino with spin genie!

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The Best Player Loyalty Schemes At Online Casinos

casino reward schemeThere's a problem with most VIP loyalty schemes at online casinos. Nearly all casinos offer a VIP service, but pretty much all of these cost a lot of money to purchase membership into the club. And when you do join, these VIP schemes require you to spend big money every month to retain your membership.

For the regular player, this simply isn't affordable and much worse – it rewards players for being rich and not for their continued customer loyalty. So, here are some of the best casinos, which reward player loyalty not based on how much buck they have in the bank, but how loyal they actually are. Continue reading

How Spin Genie Is Innovating The Future of Gamification In Gambling

spin genie

We've praised Spin Genie a lot and it's not hard to see why. From its range of games and easy payments, it's a great place to play. But there is one thing that Spin Genie is doing that few others on the market seem to have caught on to. That's the fact that its website has transformed itself into a  fully fledged game in its own right.

It's one continuous experience that you can play at home or on the go. And the best part is you never have to stop playing. It's a game within a game. The convenience is great in and of itself, but what makes the game truly impressive is how Spin Genie tailors your experience for you.

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Top 3 Gamified Mobile Casinos

Gamification at Mobile Casinos Header

Welcome to the final installment of our Guide to Gamification. Today we'll be rounding off our series by giving you a run-down of the top 3 mobile casinos that make the best use of gamification techniques. The use of gamification can give a casino the edge in the marketplace, as gambling at a gamified casino can be a much more enjoyable and rewarding experience than gambling at a non-gamifed one. The 3 casinos we've chosen certainly stand out from the crowd in this respect, and you can use this to your advantage. If you've missed the other articles in our series, feel free to check them out from the list below. Continue reading

Guide to Gamification: Narratives

Gamification at Mobile Casinos Header

Welcome to part 5 in our Guide to Gamification, in which we discuss all of the ways in which mobile casinos are becoming more game-like. In this article we'll be discussing Narratives as a gamification technique. We'll explain what narratives are and what makes them effective, using examples from casinos like Casumo. If you've missed the other parts of the series, don't worry. You can check them out below:

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Guide to Gamification: Community

Gamification at Mobile Casinos Header

Welcome to the latest installment in our Guide to Gamification. In this article we'll be discussing Community as a gamification technique. Different features of community will be highlighted, including user profiles, forums and leaderboards, and we’ll discuss their effectiveness in driving people to engage with mobile casinos. Don’t worry if you didn’t catch the other articles, as they're all here:

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