With Probability PLC, it’s less about the individual games (as it is with other Software developers like Realistic or Microgaming) and more about the holistic effect of their games in union. Probability is best known for its role as the developer behind top casinos like LadyLucks, Elite, Mad About Slots, and many more. At these casinos, Probability’s enviable roster is all that’s required to give players a completely satisfying and pleasantly unique gaming experience.

As one of the UK’s most reputed software providers, Probability has more than won its place in the forefront of game development. There’s almost no doubt that a keen player of mobile casinos would at one time or another played a Probability game, probably at a Probability casino. Read about Probability games and casinos here.

In this category you’ll find everything you need to know relating to Probability, including casino and game previews and reviews, and all the most current news from the company.

LadyLucks and Other Probability Casinos Bought by IGT

ladylucks igt logoLadyLucks and a whole host of other top Probability casinos recently had a sudden influx of IGT slots. The deal appears to have gone deeper than a simple extension to the library however, as LadyLucks is now no longer run on Probability software.

LadyLucks and other major Probability based mobile casinos are now run by GTECH UK Interactive, who are in turn owned by IGT. This means a lot of changes at LadyLucks, from the negative outcome of Probability exclusives leaving the site, all the way to the great news that IGT slots will now see day one release at the casino.

Play IGT games at ladylucks casino!

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Mobile Casinos to Play on Budget Mobile Phone Handsets

budget mobile phone casinosIf you love mobile and online casinos but have a cheaper mobile phone, sometimes it can be hard to know where to play. With slots progressively getting bigger and better, taking advantage of the higher specs of newer smartphones, those of us who aren't keeping up with the technology race can feel left behind. We've found the best casinos that host the best slots around, specifically designed to work with under-powered mobile phones. So if you're getting tired of the stuttering you're experiencing gaming online, then we've got the games you need to play smoothly. Continue reading

The Best Online and Mobile Casinos for Playing Penny Slots

penny slotA lot of us like to keep a tight bankroll and it's because of this, that the penny slot has become such a popular staple of the casino. You can have the fun of betting while being sure you aren't spending too much. But moving into the online realm, penny slots simply aren't as easy to find, especially when it comes to high quality ones.

That's why we've looked across all the major casinos to find the best penny slots around and the casinos that specialise in them. So now you won't have to travel far to bet on a tight bankroll. Continue reading

Review: Very Vegas Mobile Casino – A Glitzy Classic

Very Vegas Logo 240x160Since Very Vegas launched way back in 2011, the site has been commited to bringing the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas to the palm of your hand. Besides neon lights, the casino offers over 30 games including a good handful of progressive jackpots. You could say that these are the few most important elements that characterise Vegas. But that’s not all! There's also a £5 Free Bonus to collect upon arrival and monthly promotions to refresh your bank balance. Indeed, Very Vegas has all the makings of a very good mobile casino and perhaps that's why it remains popular as ever. Read on to find out more.

Play at Very Vegas Mobile Casino

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Review: Winneroo Games – An Enthusiast’s Casino

Winneroo Games LogoFor years, Winneroo Games have been making normal people like us winners. That isn't really surprising, given that they are actually the sister of Winneroo Casino. Powered by the well-known software provider Probability, Winneroo Games shares many similarities with casinos like LadyLucks and other Probability casinos. However, on the quest to be nothing but the best, Winneroo Games has many tricks up its sleeve that only makes this casino better.

Visit Winneroo Casino

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Treasure Blast Goes Live at Probability Casinos!

Treasure Blast slot poster

There's a brand new game on the scene at all Probablity casinos to provide you, the gamer, with some explosive good fun. Inspired by the beautiful aesthetic of Chinese festival culture, Treasure Blast is full of mystical symbols including rockets, dragons, lanterns and so on.

Expect to be bombarded by colour and noise when playing this exotic slot, with a dragon that will shower the reels with coins if you hit a big win and rockets which shoot across the reels to accumulate free spins.

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Review: SlotONation Casino – Your next mobile gaming destination

SlotONation Mobile Casino – LogoSlotONation may be a new mobile casino but I can already tell that it is destined for greatness. You see, this mobile casino is managed by Probability PLC, a professional company that has a decade of experience in the real money gaming industry. These guys had already proved their mettle by setting up 10 other mobile casinos in the UK and attracting millions of players across these brands. SlotONation is yet another casino product that’s on their tried-and-tested path to success. This winning formula involves a variety of games, attractive bonuses and a reliable gaming engine.

Play at SlotONation

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New Goldify Slot – Generate 5x more cash!

Probability’s newest slot game is an adaptation of the popular legend of King Midas. As the story goes, King Midas could turn anything that he touched into gold. In the Goldify slot game, you’ll “goldify” your favourite symbol; if this symbol forms part of a winning payline, you’ll get 5x more winnings that its stated value. However, there is no guarantee that your chosen symbol will appear on the paylines more often than it usually would. I’ll admit, this slot is a little gimmicky, but it is a gimmick worth indulging in.

Catch the slot in action in this live gameplay video below >

Goldify – An Innovative New Slot by Probability

Goldify Slot by Probability – Logo and ArtworkAccording to legend, there was once a King Midas who could turn anything he touched into gold. In my opinion, this is the world’s most desirable superpower, much better than super strength or invisibility! While you can’t become King Midas, you could play Probability’s new slot, Goldify. In the game, you can “goldify” your favourite symbol and generate 5 times more winnings than its normal value. With luck, you may actually whip money out of thin air! Continue reading

Review: Touch My Bingo – Better than your regular Bingo

Touch My Bingo Logo 240x160Once upon a time, players visited different sites to play Bingo, slots and casino games. Slowly, the distinction between Bingo sites and mobile casinos blurred and all gambling sites strived to offer a little bit of every type of game. One such site was Touch My Bingo. Touch My Bingo packs a special One Minute Bingo game and 30 other mobile games into one great site. Add generous real-money bonuses, big jackpot slots and industry-leading software by Probability into the equation and you have a formidable gaming site. Learn more below:

Play at Touch My Bingo

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