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If Droid Slots was a body, then mobile slots would be the beating heart right at the centre of it. Real money mobile slots are and always have been the main focus for Droid Slots; they are various in theme and appeal, and are a fantastic way to have fun from anywhere. Our Mobile Slots category is our one-stop shop for everything you’ll need to know to start and continue your mobile slots journey successfully.

The beauty of mobile slots lies in their simplicity; while complex themes and flashy graphics have stolen the show somewhat since the move to online and mobile gaming, the basic principles of how slots work remain the same, making them a universally enjoyable game.

Check out our Slots category to find listings for all the latest releases, as well as and previews of new releases, and tips on how to up your game. We work hard to clarify and demystify slots so they make sense for every player. We also make sure that you’re presented with as wide a variety of options so that you can confidently decide the best slots for you. Slots are so important to us that reviews for them have their own dedicated sub-category; to see only slot reviews, head to the Mobile Slots Reviews category!

Buster Ghost Review – mFortune’s First Sequel Better than Original

Buster Ghost Logo BannerIn a move which has surprised many observers, mFortune casino this week launched its first ever sequel game. While slots which are sequels or part of a series are ten a penny in the online gambling world, the reason this instance is so noteworthy is that mFortune as built its reputation on featuring only unique and exclusive slots, and a sequel is the closest thing to a lack of originality the casino has ever come. The new game – Buster Ghost – is a sequel to the hugely popular Buster Safe. While the original had the titular character breaking into bank vaults to steal gold, Buster Ghost features him tiptoeing around haunted houses trying to trap ghouls.

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Wintastic Beasts Mobile Slot By PocketWin Casino — A Full Review

wintastic beasts logoIf ever there is a slot based around the Harry Potter franchise, it is surely to be this one. Saying that, however, Wintastic Beasts by PocketWin is based off the new Warner Bros. film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them which is a spin-off of the the Harry Potter films. So this slot is based on a spin-off which is in turn based in the same world as a famous movie franchise which is based off a series of books… That's enough to give you a headache.

But Wintastic Beasts isn't based off the Fantastic Beasts film exactly; it's more like a fun parody of it. A parody that borders on being a rip-off. But we'll decide if that hinders the game later on in this review. For now, let us focus on what makes Wintastic Beasts a good slot.

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Go On An Adventure In The New ‘Hansel and Gretel’ Slot At mFortune – A Full Review

Hansel and Gretel by mFortuneHansel and Gretel is basically the story of two greedy kids who eat tons of sweets and it gets them in trouble. It seems, then, quite fitting for mFortune to have released this slot just as the season of gluttony has begun. The slot is packed with sugary delights from doughnuts to gingerbread men, however, it's not just the graphics that deliver something sweet. Hansel and Gretel is also full of wilds, free spins and two mini games. So is this slot worth playing, or is it all sugar and no spice? Read on to see what we made of this new release.

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Try The Tasty New ‘Bake Me a Winner’ Slot At mFortune — Full Review

Bake Me a Winner LogoIt can’t just be me that think’s it’s uniquely fitting that a casino famous for making all its slots in-house would release a slot themed around baking – a sort of ‘make your own’ concept hard at work. In Bake Me a Winner, mFortune Casino has cooked up a treat, complete with two mini games, which will have you salivating for more. If you’re a fan of mFortune games, when you’re guaranteed to enjoy this latest entry, and if you’re not familiar with the casino’s slot, then you’re about to discover something wonderful!

Play Bake Me a Winner At mFortune Casino Today!

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Jewelette Slot On Mr Spin Casino Merges Slots With Roulette — Review

Jewelette Slot LogoSparkling gem themed slots have been all the rage for a couple of years now. Many point to NetEnt’s Starburst as the originator of the trend, but it’s tricky to really pinpoint where it all comes from. One thing is for sure though – almost any casino you care to point to will now feature a gem themed game for the simple reason that it’s the kind of game people want to play. The latest casino to jump on the bandwagon is Mr Spin Casino – the newest addition to the family of casinos including mFortune and PocketWin – with its new slot Jewelette. How does this new mobile slot measure up to other gem games already on the market and to the other unique games already found at Mr Spin?

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Mr Spin’s Arabian Nights Slot Review– Magical Genies And Big Wins

Arabian Nights Mobile Slot - Mr Spin Game LogoTaking on the folklore of the middle east, Mr Spin casino have launched their latest slot, Arabian Nights. It’s a classic theme, much like Egyptian, that slot developers love to go back to, for some reason. The upside is that, luckily, the original story has a plethora of interesting characters, meaning Mr Spin have a chance to invent something original.

They seem to have gone for an Aladdin route, with the Genie, Jafar and Aladdin present. As with most slots developed by the team at InTouch Games, Arabian Nights features a unique mini game, alongside chances for free spins and a progressive jackpot. So get your flying carpet, and come ride along with us as we review this brand new slot.

Play Arabian Nights At Mr Spin Casino Today!

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Come Win With Me Mobile Slot by PocketWin — A Full Review

come win with me logoEver wanted a mobile slot based around Come Dine With Me. We didn't, but we've got one anyway. Behold Come Win With Me — PocketWin's latest mobile slot where the player gets to invite dinner guests to their homes and impress them with appetizing dishes. As quirky a concept as this sounds, it works surprisingly well as a mobile slot. It's fun, unique and certainly fits in with PocketWin's repertoire of slot titles. But what else does the game have to offer aside from an unusual theme? Let's find out!

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Slots of the Dead by Mr Spin is Spooky Fun — A Full Review

slots of the dead logoThis slot is sure to get you into the Halloween spirit. Slots of the Dead by the fairly young mobile casino Mr Spin, is an incredibly fun game based around a zombie apocalypse. You play as a living survivor who fires a shot gun at a reel full of zombies climbing out of their graves. This marks yet another successful outing for the mobile casino, however there are some issues we have with the game and they may be more serious than you might think.

Blast Some Zombies on Slots of the Dead at Mr Spin Today!

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Treasure Ahoy by PocketWin Delivers the Goods — A Full Review

treasure ahoy logoTalk about pirating a game! Treasure Ahoy is the latest mobile slot from the awesome mobile casino known as PocketWin. Known for their consistent quality, Pocketwin certainly know what they're doing when it comes to making great games such as Benidorm or Bust and Disco Gold. And it would seem they have done it again with Treasure Ahoy. The game is a ton of fun to play and is consistent with the overall aesthetic PocketWin had been going for so far. But does it deliver more than just aesthetics or is it a misfire? Read on to find out more.

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A Comprehensive Review of Mr Spin’s Polar Slots

Polar Slots Feature ImageSick of upbeat games and games that try too hard to be part of the trend that every other developer is trying to accomplish? What do you do on a balmy summer day, when you just want to slouch and play slots, Polar Slots by Mr. Spin might be the perfect game for you. Make no mistake, a chill game does not have to be boring, didn’t catch my drift? The best experience is a personal experience so hop into the game to give it a try, if anything, you’re in for a cool ride.

Play Polar Slots at Mr Spin Now!

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