Victoria’s Mobile Casino Blog Project

When our new writer Victoria started at Droid Slots, she’d never played at a mobile casino in her life. What better opportunity is there, we thought, to create a series of articles which show the steps it takes from being a complete mobile casino novice to being a total pro? In this category you can follow Victoria’s journey, and hopefully pick up some playing tips for yourself too.

Because she started from scratch, Victoria covers all aspects of learning about mobile casinos, including working out where and what to play, as well as negotiating deposits, withdrawals and complaints. As her knowledge has grown, the advice she offers has become more refined, and now most players will be able to get some useful tips from her blogs.

Victoria’s blog is just one part of our Guide category, which takes you by the hand and leads you through everything you need to know about playing at mobile casinos.

Which UK Lottery Should You Play?

android slots lotteryAs the saying goes, you have to play it to win it. The problem is choosing which lottery to play! There are hundreds of lotteries in the UK – the Gambling Commission records 520 licensed lotteries in total – and many other international lottos too.

The question is what do you want from your lottery? Do you want to play the for the Euro Millions jackpot and aim for the big money, but going against a lot of other players? Do you want a smaller scale lottery, where the competition is less, but the winnings are reasonable? Maybe you want a lottery that gives to charity?

Whether it's Euro Millions or Postcode Pounds, our guide will point you in the right direction.

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5 Things You Should NEVER Say to a Mobile Gambler

gorilla that really rustled my jimmies memeSome people just don't understand your hobbies. While it's debatable if gambling can even be deemed a “hobby”, there are still those out there who have strong opinions about what you do. If you're a mobile gambler, they may never outright express their objections (they almost always are objections) but they always let you know their opinion regardless, even if they express it in the most passive-aggressive, indirect way as possible.

No matter if it comes from friends, family or acquaintances, these statements are sure to irk you.  They may be well-meaning but they certainly don't feel that way. And most of them are always the same. Below are some of the most common things people should never say to a mobile gambler.

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Which Type of Mobile Bingo Player Are You?


Recently, a large bingo room operator named WINK Bingo conducted a survey into the bingo sector using the Myers-Briggs method of conducting personality types. They wanted to find out more about their customers and what type of people they were. Although not the most conclusive survey ever (and it certainly wasn't representative of the whole market), it's gives the company a general idea about what their market may want.

We've taken the liberty of looking at their data and have produced several possible player types which you may fall into. Even if it's not an entirely accurate analysis, we think it's fun to think about — kind of like those fun little quizzes on Facebook. Except this isn't a quiz. We're not Buzzfeed, for crying out loud! So check out which player type you fall into. You may even fall into more than one.

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Top 7 Funniest Accidental Bets On Mobile Slots

Whoops Meme DuckWe all make mistakes. But sometimes we make mistakes that are so colossal it borders on hilarity. Like when you're cutting down that tree on your front drive only for it to totter over and smash into the roof of your house. Gambling is no different in this regard. In fact, because there tends to be money involved, making accidental bets can seem more hilarious, but only in hindsight. At the time, it's nothing short of humiliating, except when it doesn't happen to you of course. Then it's gut-bustingly funny.

Below are seven examples from real players who made a bet they didn't intend to make. The results are funny, tragic and surprisingly heart-warming.  Continue reading

Top 5 Ways to Celebrate Euro 2016 at Mobile Casinos

Euor 2016 Cup Logo

With the UEFA cup now in full swing, there's still a way to go until Euro 2016 ends and there's not telling who might win as of yet. And if you're feeling downtrodden because of your team's defeat in the last match, you can still celebrate the event with some pretty awesome promotions and games that have been released. All because we players love a bit of football! So buckle up and get your flags ready cos we're about do dive into 5 ways to celebrate Euro 2016 at mobile casinos (in no particular order)!

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Top 8 Gambling Acronyms Players (Often) Get Wrong

Mistkaen Meme Dog with Glasses

Have you ever texted your grandma something personal only for her to reply “LOL”? She didn't mean any harm but because she's from a generation that grew up without the internet, she mistakenly thought  LOL meant “Lots of Love”, so you know she meant well. But you still can't help but feel a sting of humiliation. Her ignorance has made something personal become painful. Such is the power of a mistakenly used acronym.

In the world of gambling, it's no different. Because there are people who are still new to it, they may come across terms they've never seen before and make assumptions about said terms so they don't look stupid by asking what they mean. This is especially the case with acronyms. But we're here today to put any misconceptions at rest.  Continue reading

Top 4 Worst Places to be Caught iGambling

Picard Says "Oops!"

You know, there's a time and a place…” – That's probably what you hear whenever anyone catches you gambling on your phone. Either that or you just farted in a lift. Whether you're in a meeting or your grandma's living room, there's no denying that there are certain places you shouldn't gamble even if your mobile has 4G. In the past, people had to go to the pub or their local bookies to bet money. Now things have changed. Technology has ensured that people can gamble just about anywhere.

But we're still in the baby steps of this era and, because the internet is almost without regulation, we are just getting to know what is and what isn't appropriate when we go about our online activities. Deleting your search history may be one of them. But there are some specifics in etiquette when it comes to online gambling, especially in the real world. Here are the top 4 worst places to be caught igambling.

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Blackjack vs Poker Players — Top 10 Stereotypes

Bender Poker MemeTwo of the most popular table games alongside roulette, Poker and Blackjack certainly have their fair share of player stereotypes. Despite being different kinds of card games with different rules and ways to bet, there's a couple of crossovers from both games — they use the same cards, the same chips, and even have the same players.

It doesn't matter if Blackjack is in favour of the house or that Poker is more sportsman-like, you're guaranteed to find some of the same kinds of people sitting around the table. So don't bother going from Texas Hold ‘Em to Blackjack if you  want to avoid them.

But how accurate are these stereotypes? Well, believe or not, there are degrees of accuracy between the two games (depending who you ask). We will judge the accuracy of these stereotypes based on both games on a scale of very accurate to not accurate. This is what we have observed and if you don't agree… Well, good for you. This is just what we think. Opinions and whatnot.  Continue reading

5 Signs You Might be a Lazy Gambler


There are many kinds of people who gamble — enthusiastic ones and the… other ones. These are the people who don't really care about gambling enough to turn it into an excitable past time. These are what we call the “lazy gamblers”, the players who never raise the stakes or do raise the stakes but shrug whenever they lose.

They are the people who play blackjack because they're pressured into it, the people who throw a coin into a slot machine because they've got nothing better to do. To be fair, if you're a casual player then there's nothing wrong with that. But we're talking about the people who gamble semi-regularly and with little to no passion.

Below you'll find the five major warning signs that you might be a lazy gambler. And if you are? Stop doing it. I mean, what are you getting out of it? You're just losing money! And you're occupying space in front of that slot machine when the next winner could be standing right behind you waiting their turn! Move over, damn you!!
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5 Mobile Video Slot Themes We Want to See

Various Slot Games

Ahh, slot machines. They're both a joy and a pain in the bum. With a spin of a reel you could win big or lose out big time. Real life slots are bad enough but with the advent of video slots, they have become more accessible now than ever before. One thing that can be said for sure about them is that they certainly do have a lot of crazy themes. The amount of creativity some of these slots demonstrate in their design is fantastic while others… not so much.

But there are also literally thousands of themes out there, to the point where the same/similar themes have been done to death. Yet we believe there is room for other themes which haven't yet been brought to life. Here's a list of the top 5 slot themes that we want to see happen! Make 'em happen already!
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