Where to find the biggest jackpots is always a tricky game to play – which casinos advertise the progressive jackpots available at any given moment, there’s no telling how often they actually drop. To try and cut through this confusion, we’ve created our Winner category, which presents you with many of the most recent and biggest winners to allow you to get an impression of which casinos and which games are paying out, and where might be good to play.

As well as helping you work out where the best paying casinos are, this category is also for celebrating the big wins and lucky recipients of them. As part of this, we run our regular Winner of the Month feature (which you’ll find once a month in this category), in which we pick the most outstanding winner of the month. Though they might not be the biggest jackpot winner, they’re always the winner with the best story behind their luck.

Our winner are taken from the entire population of the world, as mobile gambling is a universally enjoyed pastime, but of course we have – as always – a special focus on UK players. Every player hopes that they will end up with their name in this category, and with any luck, one day it might be you!

UK Player Scoops £870,000 Win at Prospect Hall Casino

WinnerFor one fortunate player from the UK, they have just achieved the dream of a lifetime. Whilst playing over at Prospect Hall Casino this week, they won exactly £868,703.90 and have become one more winner that 2016 has produced. We bet they're laughing all the way to the bank now. But was it all down to luck or did they have a strategy that paid off? Read on to find out!

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Four Huge Weekend Winners Over At Royal Panda Casino

royal panda winnersHaving one big winner at a casino is usually big news in and of itself. Last weekend at Royal Panda Casino was an incredible event however, as four players walked away with some big money wins.

This wasn't part of a contest or promo or even from the same game. Players were winning big cash from across the entire library of games over at Royal Panda, on a weekend like any other. In total, the four won over $235,000 (£180,970) worth of cash prizes between them.

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Mega Fortune Forks Out £2.5 Million Jackpot

Mega Fortune SlotEver stopped to think about what life will be like if you were ever lucky enough to win a huge jackpot? Of course you have! You spend at least 50% of your office daydreams on being a millionaire with a chauffeur-driven Roll Royce, your own mansion, expensive holidays . All that is achievable with the right amount of money. And one lucky player at Mega Fortune is living the dream after managing to score a whopping €2,970,929 (roughly £2.5m).

Try Mega Fortune Dreams at Casumo Casino!

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Leo Vegas Red Or Black Competition Winner Comes Out Lucky

leo vegas red or blackLeo Vegas recently held their huge Red Or Black competition, which offered players the chance to be flown out on an all expenses paid trip to Malta, to stay at the prestigious Portomaso Casino and hotel.

They were then given £10,000 and the ultimate choice; red or black. It would be the most nerve racking decision anyone would have to do at the Roulette table. The player that made the choice was lucky Scot, Liam More. Liam put everything on 22 black and came out on top, walking away from the table with £20,000.

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Irish “Lottery Syndicate” Bags €66 Million Jackpot

william-hill-irish-lottery-2Talk about luck of the Irish. The Euromillions reached a staggering €130 million (£101 million) jackpot last month in the Irish lottery when a group of friends in Carlow, Ireland, claimed their share of €66 million (£51 million).

Known simply as a lottery syndicate, the group all bought tickets for the Irish national lottery on January 27th and claimed their winnings from the National Lottery office in Dublin on 10th February. Confused?

How can a group of people win the lottery? Also, are they willing to share? Just kidding. Seriously, though, how is that possible? It's very, very, very unlikely that one person wins the lottery, let alone several of them at once. But according to statistics, organising a lottery syndicate can increase your chances significantly. Read on to find out how.

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The Mobile Casinos That Promote Their Winners

casino winnersA win is always worthy of praise. The success of hitting a jackpot is a triumph that should be recognized. There's a popular image that gambling is you vs the casino. When you win money, you're taking it straight from the casino and so there's a feeling that there's bad blood for every win.

But some casinos are happy to rise above that and actually promote the winners. Below are the casinos who take the time to update you on every win, small or big. These are the casinos that congratulate you for a win and bring you a much more personal and friendly service. Continue reading

GameVillage Slots Player Wins Big!

GameVillage Bingo LogoGameVillage Bingo is more than just your average bingo site; the team there has covered all the bases with slots, casino games and (obviously) bingo in all shapes and sizes.

And just recently GameVillage had yet another player win big this season. This particular player won its jackpot playing Gold Factory, one of the newest slot games on the site. How much did this lucky player win? A whopping total prize of £22,194!

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Winners Roundup – Big Wins on Slotastic, mFortune and more

Golden Riviera This week saw some absolutely incredible wins from across the pond from Slotastic, Casino-Mate and Golden Riviera. Although we can't help but feel a little jealous when somebody else wins big, (we're all human, right?), we really are happy for the guys who cashed in. After all, if someone else wins, there's hope for all of us! Don't feel disheartened though, there are still some big payouts happening right here in the UK!

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