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Both Droid Slots writers and our readers will get a say: our writers will share thoughts in articles, while we run polls and accept feedback from readers which we will publish to keep the conversation going. We want to know what everyone thinks about mobile casinos: which are the best or worst; how should they operate; are there any changes you want to see in the industry? Let us know so we can share your opinion with the world!

Are Mobile Casino Company Mergers Good or Bad?

handshakeCompany mergers seem to be happening everywhere lately. The Gala Coral Group's merge with betting company, Ladbrokes, is probably the most prolific at the moment — their deal which has been up in the air for the last few months is finally coming to a close this week. Regardless of the company and how it benefits or hinders them, what does a company merger do to the player? How do they feel the effects of something that fuses to become on entity? On the surface, that may not immediately seem apparent. After a few weeks, however (or even a few days), the consequences may come to light. And those consequences can be good — often very good. But those consequences may also have a negative impact.

What do we think? Well, we've weighed up all the major pros and cons of most mergers that happen between two or more companies in the gambling industry.

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Why Virtual Sports Betting Explodes During the Summer

Virtual Sports Betting Horse Racing

It's already been established that sports betting is perhaps the more prominent and popular forms of gambling in the UK. It's widespread and has experienced a 9% increase year on year since the end of the Fifa World Cup in 2014. But sports betting has always been a popular past time in the British Isles — it is, after all, the most common form of betting found in most betting shops, usually horse-racing or football. The worldwide use of the internet and the introduction of virtual sports betting has only increased that.

There is a time of year, however, where virtual sports tend to explode with popularity — during the summer. Why is this? The answer is simple: summer equals sunshine and sunshine equals sports. Every year, all the best sporting events come into the public eye: Wimbledon, Fifa, the Olympics, the UEFA. It all happens around this time of year so it's only natural that players will be more in the mood for sports betting.

But what other reasons are there for this growth? Some point to the coinciding release of new games. And will this tradition continue? As long as there's summer, then yes. Yes it will.

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Is Joining a Mobile Casino’s VIP Scheme Worth It?

Hamlet to VIP or Not to VIPThat is the question. With so many mobile casinos out there, it's little wonder why they dish out so many generous offers to try and keep customers happy.

After all, with an ever-expanding industry and with more and more mobile casinos every year, it's hard to maintain longevity with customer loyalty with just a few promotions and bonuses. Awesome games are, sadly, just not enough anymore. Why should a customer stay if they can find the same games elsewhere?

That is why you see many mobile casinos nowadays offering VIP or loyalty schemes. If you join up with them, why not enjoy more benefits for a little bit extra? But what if you're not invited or just dpon't want to? Are you missing out if you choose not to? In this post, we weigh up the pros and cons of being a part of a mobile casino's VIP scheme.

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The World’s 5 Greatest Gambling Proverbs

go-winning-memeGambling has been around since the dawn of man. Despite it being seen as a vice in our modern day society, it is perhaps one of the most human attributes alongside our instinct for survival and ability to advance over other animals. We, as a complex species, get bored very easily. In fact, gambling has been around for so long it's little wonder why many cultures have their own philosophies on the subject.

Some of the most commonly-spouted phrases are proverbs that communicate great wisdom on the nature of luck and restraint. We gave gathered some of the best quotes about gambling and luck from across the globe and have compiled them into one list. But the best thing about these quotes isn't that they just give good gambling advice. They also portray some insight into how one should live their life.  Continue reading

The Greatest Gambling Songs of All Time

There are many things that are needed to capture the classic feeling of a casino. But if you're not able to purchase the pristine velvet table and hire a croupier to deal out the cards, then you might have to just stick with a killer soundtrack instead.

And what better soundtrack than the best rock, folk and blues songs that capture the essence of our favourite past time. So take a listen and enjoy the best songs ever written about gambling. Who knows, you may just find your new favourite.

The Slots To Look Out For In 2016

slots 2016

Another year, another new bunch of slots to play. Every year always brings its own surprises and although 2015 was particularly strong, we can't dwell on the successes of the year gone by.

So looking forward into the next 12 months, what are the slots we can expect? What are the innovations we are going to see in our slots? And which company will come out on top as the best slot provider in the biz? There's only so much we know for now, but using what we do know, let's take a look at the slots to get excited for in 2016. Continue reading

Myths About Online Gambling Debunked

facts vs mythsFrom the outside, online casinos can be a scary place. You sign up, hand your money over to some anonymous folks, who then promise that if you spin a wheel just right, they'll give you some more money for free.

It sounds like a terrifying scam on the face of it. Not only that, but the early days of internet spending have left people with a paranoia that their money will simply disappear. However, things are much different now and so, to put these myths to right, we've found the biggest misunderstandings about the online gambling scene and have come to tell you why they're simply not true at all. Continue reading

The Most Interesting Features In NetEnt Video Slots

netentNetEnt are known as one of the biggest game providers in the business and it's absolutely clear why. What's most interesting about NetEnt is that while they make great looking mobile slots, they are one of the few software developers who consistently innovate gameplay and take risks.

So in celebration of the creativity behind the NetEnt team, here is a list of the slots where NetEnt's creative spark managed to burn the brightest. Continue reading

5 Genius Casino Scams That Actually Worked

Mobile casinos have learnt a lot when it comes to security. Half of the ways to cheat the casino simply don't exist online. Real casinos have their share of security as well and people have gotten increasingly more creative to try and outwit the CCTV and facial recognition.

These are the most creative and genius ways that people have tried to scam the casinos and gotten away with it, for a short while at least. So check out the video and see the lengths people have gone to rob the casino.

FYI, this is not a tutorial video.

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The Top 5 Best Movies About Gambling

Gambling is tense, thrilling and most of the time, has an outcome you just can't predict. Qualities like that are what make gambling a perfect basis for great movies. Setting a plot around gambling can lead to high stakes or absurd situations based only on a bet and the desire to win. Gambling can even be used in movies to frame relationships. Gambling is all about the tells and nothing lets you into a character's head space more, than how they handle themselves under pressure.

So we've picked our favourite films that focus around gambling. We've tried to get a good spread, from comedies, to dramas, to straight up gambling thriller epics. So take a moment and check out our recommendations for the best gambling movies of all time. You may even discover a new favourite film.

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