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Ever wish you could save a Droid Slots article for later? Maybe you don’t have time to read it right now, or you loved it so much you want to save it to read it again. Whatever your reasons, one option might be to bookmark the page, but then you can’t access it without the internet… what to do? How about downloading the PDF of the article so you can read it at your leisure? No, this isn’t too good to be true – in this category you can find a number of our most important articles in a handy PDF format for you to keep for later.

Ok, we know that our News articles aren’t exactly worth downloading, but don’t forget all the great content we feature in our Guide section which could be useful for reference again and again! Our aim is only ever to make your life and playing experience better, so if having our articles to hand will do so, then we want to make that possible. Keep checking this category for more articles every week.

PDF Download: Binary Options Guide

high resolution guide bannerThat's all folks! We've reached the end of our Binary Options Guide! But you didn't think we'd leave without giving you a goodbye present, did you? We've complied the whole guide into a handy PDF, just for you. Whether you want to refresh your binary knowledge or read the whole thing from scratch, it's now all available for you to download. Put it on your kindle, on your phone or even print it out (old school I know).  Simply click on the book below to download your free copy.  Happy Trading!

binary options guide pdf

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PDF Download: Ukash and Mobile Casinos

UPDATE: Ukash/Paysafecard Merger July 2015

Ukash has now merged with Paysafecard and will no longer be operational. The discontinuation of Ukash is to be complete by 31/10/15 and customers are advised to use up all existing voucher codes before then. For extra information about how the Ukash/Paysafecard merger may affect you please read this article.

To round off our Guide to Ukash, we've made a PDF that contains all the online articles in our guide in a handy downloadable format. Whether you want to know about buying Ukash, depositing with Ukash, withdrawing with Ukash, or if you should get a Ukash prepaid Mastercard, you'll find everything you want to know (and lots more!) in this PDF. Simply click on the book below to download your copy. You could even print it off, if you fancy some bed-time reading!

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