How important are social networks to mobile casinos? The answer to that is very complex, and something we explore in great depth in this category. With the rise of social media coinciding with the rise in mobile casinos, it’s really no surprise that the two how become inextricably linked. Every casino worth its salt now has at least a Facebook page, and often a Twitter feed too. As the array of social media icons at the bottom of a casino’s home page grows, understanding the way in which they interact with their players becomes more and more important.

At Droid Slots, we closely monitor the activities of our favourite mobile casinos on Facebook, Twitter, and many other social media forums, and compile what we find into helpful articles to help you see which mobile casinos are putting in the effort to engage their players properly.

The jewel in the crown of our Social Media category is the ‘Social Media Activity & Popularity Index’ or the SMAP for short. This Index is published quarterly, and allows you to see graphically how successful the top casinos are on social media.

The All New Android Slots Facebook Page

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Android Slots is going social, with our all new Facebook page. You can go ahead from now and give it a like to get the latest, bite sized updates of what's going on at Android Slots. We'll be posting our biggest slot scoops, promos, previews, each new video from our extensive Youtube selection and some fun games to tide you over while the next great casino reveal is on the horizon.

All that and more is just a click away, so give it a look, while we continue bringing you the best that the mobile casino world has to offer.

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The Biggest Mistakes That Gamblers Make At The Casinos

In this latest Top 5, we'll be taking a look at the biggest mistakes that gamblers make at the casinos. These mistakes range from the gambler's fallacy, to the importance we place on bets, all the way to not being smart with your bank roll. And then there's the problem of people not learning the rules of the games they play.

In the heat of the moment, we all lose track of things and become pretty irrational. Fantasizing about the big to thinking we need just one more spin. Hopefully, here we can break down some of the biggest problems we have when betting and set out to recognize just how stupid they can be.

Poll: Which Type of Gambler are You?

My boyfriend swears on reinvesting his casino winnings. He says, “taking more chances is the only way you’ll win big.” If I end a night with more than I started, I’m more than satisfied and stop playing immediately. Likewise, if I lose for too long, I’ll quit playing. Again, my boyfriend has a different strategy. He’ll increase his bet each time he loses. It usually takes a while to recover, but once he wins, he’ll make enough to cover his previous losses.  I’m a risk-averse wimp and he’s a bold gambler; yet, both strategies have worked out for us in the past. I’m convinced one is better than the other, but I can’t figure out which. Help this girl out and tell me – what do you do?!

Introducing: Droid Slots on SlideShare

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Droid Slots’ Reader-base Spreads Across 125 Countries!

Droid Slots' reader-base as on August 1, 2014

The picture says it all!

As a proud member of the Droid Slots team, it gives me immense pleasure to share with the world that our readership has crossed the 125-countries' mark. As per our analytics report, Droid Slots is being read in 128 countries across the globe (as on 1st August 2014). Around a similar time of the year in 2012 and 2013, Droid Slots had reached to 63 and 96 countries respectively. This means that our reader-base has improved twice over in the past two years; “we are ecstatic” is probably an understatement!

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#BeLucky? What Are You Thinking mFortune?!

mFortune Be Lucky Do you follow mFortune on Facebook? No? Best not. Though we might be used to the gimmicks of casinos trying to get attention on social media (Virgin Games getting people to send them Holiday snaps; Casumo getting people to pick their new profile image; Pocket Fruity getting people to like, comment and share post for Fruity Coins; and other things of that ilk), mFortune has gone a step to far. In the last week or so, the casino has introduced the ‘Be Lucky’ hand sign to its Facebook followers, along with the hashtag #BeLucky – there are so many things wrong with it, I don’t even know where to begin. Continue reading

Droidy Lands on Earth – Part One of our YouTube Series Goes Live

Did you know that we have a YouTube channel here at Droid Slots? If not, you’ve been missing out on tons of great game footage which is the perfect accompaniment to our game reviews. We can’t leave you in the dark about the channel any longer, though, as our brand new web series has just started over there! Following the adventures of Miss Droidy (an anthropomorphised mobile handset who lives in the internet… don’t worry, it makes sense if you watch it), the new series blasts a little comic relief into your day.

Check out the first episode – Miss Droidy (Part 1) – Droidy Lands on Earth – below now, and subscribe to the Droid Slots YouTube channel for updates on new episodes of this, and tons of other great videos covering games and mobile casinos.

Mobile Casino Social Media Activity & Popularity (SMAP) Index — July 2014

Paddy Power Mobile, Ladbrokes and Betfair Mobile clinch the top 3 positions of Droid Slots' Social Media Activity & Popularity (SMAP) Index Rankings of July 2014 for UK mobile casinos. Droid Slots team congratulates the top 3 casinos for their exceptional performance and presents comprehensive analysis of the July 2014 edition of SMAP Index rankings.

Mobile CasinoFacebook
SMAP Index
1Paddy Power1300080503540394.524984.5
4BetFred Mobile1239180548136.82103.8
5Virgin Games casino69517039.312916.3
9Mr Green84.996.424.51.5207.3

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