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As mobile and online casinos look for the next technological advancement, one of the technologies leading the way is virtual reality. Using brand new tools like virtual reality eye wear, virtual casinos promise players the most immersive casino experience available, short of visiting the real thing.

Virtual casinos also have many advantages over both traditional online and mobile casinos, and over the brick and mortar equivalents. Payers can join the fun wherever they are in the world, but still enjoy the sights and sounds of a real casino. Full interactivity means you get so much more from a game, and the fact that the graphics and settings are limited only by the software developers’ imaginations, you can expect virtual casino experiences to be truly out of this world.

Playtech Launch New Virtual Tennis Range

playtech virtual tennis launchIn the spirit of the Wimbledon season, Playtech have just launched a new range of virtual tennis games to add to their already extensive suite of virtual sports betting products. The virtual tennis games will be available across all devices and will be automatically added to any platform that currently hosts their virtual sports library.

Playtech developed the game in partnership with Warner Bros studio, who lent their film stages and motion capture tech to the project. Playtech's head of virtual sports, Elliott Norris, has described the final product as “unlike anything the industry has ever seen and feels as if you are courtside watching a Grand Slam.

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5 Ways that Virtual Reality is the Future of Mobile Gambling

virtual-casinoMobile gambling has been around for quite a while now. Mobility has marked a serious step in the progress of technology, allowing people to access things remotely from anywhere, from a pub toilet to a tube train. But the questions on everybody's lips now is: “What's the next step?” It's something worth thinking about. Where can you take technology now that it all fits in your pocket? The answer: virtual reality (or VR).

The igambling industry has benefited greatly from huge leaps in technological advancement. The most obvious of these is the development of smart phones and tablets which allow players to play anywhere they want to in the real world. Now companies have identified what's next to come for the expansion of the industry and are making plans (such as virtual roulette) to profit from it.

With the market poised to embrace VR, I strongly believe that this will be the next stage in the future for online gambling. In ten years, it may be as ubiquitous as mobile casinos are today. Here are five reasons why this will be case.
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What’s the Difference Between Virtual Casinos and Mobile Casinos?

SlotsMillions VR headset casino

What IS the difference between a ‘mobile casino' and a ‘virtual casino'? A timeless question if ever there be one. Perhaps not en par with “What's the meaning of life?” or “Are we alone in the universe?” but this is certainly worth picking apart in an analytical way. Okay, maybe not for everyone but it is for us! Mobile casinos have been growing in popularity over the past few years to the point where they can be accessed anywhere while virtual casinos are set to explode in popularity and marketability. Continue reading

Microgaming’s Reveals Virtual Roulette Game

microgaming logoIn a video published on YouTube, Microgaming has made an awe-inspiring revelation. Already a pioneer in creating many online roulette games, their newest outing has to be the most ambitious yet. At the ICE Total Gaming Conference 2016, the software developer unveiled their new VR Roulette game. The software development company has described this innovation as revolutionary and they hope to become leaders within this up-and-coming market.

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Betfair Launch 7 New Virtual Sports Games

betfair virtual sportsBetfair has just launched 7 new virtual sports games. The new batch of virtual sports games have been developed by Inspired Gaming, one of the leading providers of virtual sports games in the industry. Betfair is set to have a huge increase in the number of virtual sport matches that they are currently broadcasting. They will be streaming the virtual sports 24 hours a day, running 3,360 games per day.

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Virtual Sports Betting at Reel Island Mobile Casino

Reel Island logoSometimes, due to the  volatile nature of the virtual slot machine, its possible to rack up some pretty spectacular losing streaks. At these low points in any igamer's career the natural instinct is to simply take your computer or mobile device and throw it from the tallest building in your vicinity. But wait, there could be an alternative! Reel Island Mobile Casino offers several virtual sports games, complete with developing odds that you can track over the course of a tournament or season!

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