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Mobile Casino Complaints: Who to Turn to Next?

Complain about a mobile casinoMobile casinos are, on the whole, a pretty reliable bunch. With customer service forming a vital cog in the reasons for players congregating at different casinos, they have to ensure that complaints are dealt with quickly and effectively. After all, one bad review in the right – or, some would say, wrong – place, and a business can find their customer numbers falling faster than water in Niagara. Regardless of the site you play at, if you have a complaint, you must make representations to them first – and 99% of the time it’ll be sorted. What should you do if you feel you haven’t got what you deserve though? Who is there to ensure that nobody can possibly be ripped off by any mobile casino? The answer is: well, slightly more complex than you might at first think… Continue reading

A Review of Gala Mobile Casino

gala casino logoYou might associate Gala with the world of bingo – indeed their mobile bingo is rather good – but what you might not know is that they also offer their very own mobile casino as well, meaning that in between calling house and watching two fat ladies, you can have a spin on a few slots and top up your bank balance significantly. So should Gala have stuck to bingo, or are we glad that they've entered into the world of mobile phone slot games as well? Keep reading and you will find out… Continue reading

Android Casino Pays Out £23 Million – In Just 1 Month!

mfortune pay out 23 million in december 2012After trawling through the internet looking for news to bring you, we stumbled upon an absolutely amazing story that we simply had to share with you – there is an Android casino out there that paid out over £23 million in the month of December alone! Just which casino is this though, we hear you cry? Well, have a guess before you find out below, as they are really well known for being one of the most generous sites around already… Continue reading

The Top 3 Most Underrated Mobile Casinos

Podium with 3 DroidsRegardless of the article, casino review or news story you read here on Android Slots, you’ll probably hear us mention some of our favourite casinos somewhere in the piece. Whether this is mFortune, LadyLuck’s or Pocket Fruity (see, we’re at it again), we love to mention them so that they become engrained in your memory and you head to them someday.

What we have realised though is that there are plenty of unsung heroes out there too though – smaller Android casinos that offer great service, great games or great prizes. So we thought we would honour them in this post by creating a list of the great casinos we sometimes ignore in favour of the bigger players in the industry. So, without further ado, here are the top 3 Android casinos we love, but usually forget to mention… Continue reading

Winner Mobile Casino

winner android casinoTime for another review, and as we have already covered all the big names in the world of mobile casinos, such as mFortune, LadyLuck’s and Moobile Games, we are having to turn our attention to some of the smaller names out there. Just because they are small it doesn’t mean they are terrible though – in fact there are some great smaller casinos out there! But where does Winner Mobile Casino stand though? Read on to find out exactly what we think…

So, if you've ever read a review from us before, you’ll know the basic concept. If you haven’t – where have you been if not? – here it is: we rate a casino on three different things – the games, the bonuses and the amount you can win. In our opinion, anything else is just secondary and is therefore not that important. Enough of the intros though – let’s get on with the matter at hand and take a good look at Winner Android Casino! Continue reading

The Holy Grail of Deposit Phone Bill Casinos

Girl Smiling While Using Mobile PhoneWe feel that using SMS to add funds to your account is the best option for mobile gamers. Therefore, we have decided to produce the “holy grail” of deposit phone bill casino articles. We’ll guide you through subjects such as how these payments work, the benefits of paying this way and the best available Android casinos for this payment type. Along the way, we’ll give some useful tips and advice for readers who are looking to find out more about SMS payments. Continue reading

Paid in Chelsea Review – A New Take on Mobile Slots

paid in chelsea logoAs regular readers will know, we think that Pocket Fruity is one of the best Android casinos out there, as proved by the number of awards it won at the DroidSlots Annual Awards. Because of this, we thought it was high time that we penned a review of one of their games, so that you can get a closer look at the games they offer. Of course, you could simply head to their site to see this, and we are sure you will once you have read this review of Paid in Chelsea, one of their most popular slots on offer. Continue reading