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Victoria is the team’s reviewer and critic. In her casino reviews and game reviews, you’ll find all the “specs” and exclusive playing strategies, plus screenshots and Youtube videos too! There’s no sugar-coating or boot-licking involved in her reviews; it’s all honest and (hopefully) helpful. For gamers, by gamers.

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Which UK Lottery Should You Play?

android slots lotteryAs the saying goes, you have to play it to win it. The problem is choosing which lottery to play! There are hundreds of lotteries in the UK – the Gambling Commission records 520 licensed lotteries in total – and many other international lottos too.

The question is what do you want from your lottery? Do you want to play the for the Euro Millions jackpot and aim for the big money, but going against a lot of other players? Do you want a smaller scale lottery, where the competition is less, but the winnings are reasonable? Maybe you want a lottery that gives to charity?

Whether it's Euro Millions or Postcode Pounds, our guide will point you in the right direction.

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A Comprehensive Review of Mr Spin’s Polar Slots

Polar Slots Feature ImageSick of upbeat games and games that try too hard to be part of the trend that every other developer is trying to accomplish? What do you do on a balmy summer day, when you just want to slouch and play slots, Polar Slots by Mr. Spin might be the perfect game for you. Make no mistake, a chill game does not have to be boring, didn’t catch my drift? The best experience is a personal experience so hop into the game to give it a try, if anything, you’re in for a cool ride.

Play Polar Slots at Mr Spin Now!

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Legend of the White Snake Lady Slot Review

Legend of the White Snake Lady Feature Image

The Legend of the White Snake Lady is a story of true love between an immortal and a man. The atmosphere in which the game is set and the visuals as presented by Yggdrasil Gaming is truly mesmerizing, a fitting tribute to the immortal snake lady with a warm human heart. And just like her, patience is a virtue that gives back — her prize is love and our prize is most definitely the delicious Jackpot.

Play Legend of the White Snake Lady at Mr Green Casino

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Casumo the Adventure Mobile Casino Reviewed

Casumo Casino LogoCasumo is not just a casino — it's an Adventure. Its unique gamification system make playing at the mobile casino a game in itself. By simply playing mobile slots and casino games, you'll be able to collect trophies and prizes which will propel you up to higher levels. The bonus system is all tied up in the Adventure, meaning the higher you go, the more free spins, reloads and cash bonuses you'll receive.

We don't want to give the impression that the Adventure is all that's worth checking out at Casumo. You'll notice right away how clean and modern the whole site appears, and as you play more, you'll really appreciate the fresh and innovative approach to design and navigation. The melding of playful silliness and serious gambling is a hard balance to tread, and one only a handful of mobile casinos have manages. Casumo absolutely smashes it.

Join the Casumo Adventure

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Mr Spin’s Jackpot Big Top Slot Review

Jackpot Big Top Feature ImageClowns, animals, lovely assistants, nothing brings back memories more than a circus themed slot game aptly named Jackpot Big Top by Mr Spin. Right from the very beginning, you will be thoroughly entertained by the super coulourful and vivid theme. Once we started playing the game, we realized that the stunning theme and graphics in this game was just the tip of the iceberg.

The innovative features and gameplay in Jackpot Big Top is just something that slot enthusiasts would die for! But then again, all gaming developers have stepped up the quality of their games recently. So, the real question is: how does Jackpot Big Top compare to its peers and does it have what it takes to stand out? Let’s find out.

Play Jackpot Big Top at Mr Spin Now!

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Mucho Money by mFortune Mobile Slot Review

Mucho Money Feature ImageHola amigos, looking to make some good cash? mFortune be lookin' for some real macho men to make Mucho Money. This mobile slot game by mFortune is one of the more modern titles to hit the shelves, delivering you a taste of the Mexican Wild West. Did it make us go yay or nay? Hold on to your belts hermanos, because we're gonna ride into the dust bowls to fill some sacks with good cash, on our trusty donkey!

Play Mucho Money at mFortune Now!

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Mr Spin’s Dog Detectives Slot Review — Play With Free £5

Dog Detectives Feature ImageAs kids, we used to love solving mysteries and sometimes playing detective. Thinking about it, every kid that has played hide-and-seek in this world has somewhat played a detective game. The best part is, our love for these games never really faded and our detective fascinations carried on with age, especially when watching cartoons and movies such as Scooby Doo and Sherlock Holmes.

Well, its time to re-kindle that love again. Thanks to Mr. Spin, all of us here will get that chance to play detective again. Hopefully, this mobile slot will be able to bring back the same feelings we had as a kid.

Play Dog Detectives at Mr Spin Now!

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Which Type of Mobile Bingo Player Are You?


Recently, a large bingo room operator named WINK Bingo conducted a survey into the bingo sector using the Myers-Briggs method of conducting personality types. They wanted to find out more about their customers and what type of people they were. Although not the most conclusive survey ever (and it certainly wasn't representative of the whole market), it's gives the company a general idea about what their market may want.

We've taken the liberty of looking at their data and have produced several possible player types which you may fall into. Even if it's not an entirely accurate analysis, we think it's fun to think about — kind of like those fun little quizzes on Facebook. Except this isn't a quiz. We're not Buzzfeed, for crying out loud! So check out which player type you fall into. You may even fall into more than one.

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The Stunning ‘Great Wild Elk’ Mobile Slot by NextGen Review

Great Wild Elk Feature ImageThere are slots based on furry pets, safari animals, sea creatures; there’s a slot for every animal family that you can think of. Yet, slot designers aren’t stopping the production of animal slots any time soon. More glorious animals are coming into the spotlight and this month, NextGen pays homage to the Great Wild Elk.

This wild deer is brought to life with striking graphics and thematic features such as Elk’s Light and Call of the Elk. Come dive into the magical northern kingdom of the wild elk, right here.

Play Great Wild Elk Mobile Slot at Betspin Casino

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Review of Magical Stacks Mobile Slot by Playtech

Magical Stacks Feature ImageAnime is all the rage these days – there’s certainly demand for it, which is why Playtech decided to make Magical Stacks, a Japanese anime themed mobile slot. The theme revolves specifically around the “magical girl” trope found frequently in Japanese anime pop culture.

It’s not everybody’s cup of tea, but the eccentric symbols and fantasy-like girls have an element of kawaii that any fellow otaku would appreciate. Keep reading for the inside scoop on this mobile slot.

Play Magical Stacks Mobile Slot at Ace Kingdom Now!

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