The London Bitcoin Forum Scam: How People were Duped

london_scam-1Some of our readers may have heard of the upcoming London Bitcoin Forum which was supposed to take place next week (23rd-24th March) at the QEII Centre in London. Many websites dedicated to all things Bitcoin have advertised the event under the impression that it is, indeed, real. However, reports have brought to light some upsetting news — this London Bitcoin Forum is very likely a scam. And many people have already been duped. 

Caught Unawares


Nobody had even heard of the London Bitcoin Forum until around a month ago. Quite suddenly, it appeared, boasting that it'll host over 900 people at the event as well as 60 experts scheduled for talks on an all manner of subjects. In addition to these promises, the Forum also said it would a good place for networking and “career opportunities”.

The website was so convincing that people paid as much as £115 for an early bird ticket. Not only that but real companies payed for display booths and sponsorship which they were hoping to use at the conference. Unfortunately it's likely those who have paid will never see their money again. A few weeks before the event, the Forum suddenly went offline after websites such as Coinmaster (one of the many who advertised it discovered that it was a possible scam.

A Possible Scam

Pile of Bitcoins

So how were people so easily duped? Well, when you look at the facts, it's easy to believe people were fooled. This supposed Forum seemed to go to great lengths convincing the public that they were genuine. The alleged organiser of the event even has a LinkedIn account which many believe to be false as countless messages sent to her have not been replied to.

In fact, the illusion was so elaborate that it took someone with a sharp eye to identify that, although the website boasted over 60 experts, no names were listed on the website. As if that wasn't fishy enough, the fact that the event only came about a month before it was due seems very odd indeed. Usually events like this could take several months, even as much as a year to organise.

It is not yet confirmed whether this Forum was a definitely a scam but all indications seem to point that way. Although we don't enjoy pointing fingers here at Droid Slots, we thought it would be better to raise awareness of the issue so players hoping to go to the event do not fall into the same trap.


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