Has Mobile Gaming Changed Your Banking Habits at Online Casinos?

Mobile versus desktop

Over the course of the last decade things have changed drastically in the iGaming world. The mobile revolution has heralded an upward trend towards handheld gambling across the board, but how many people are now using their mobiles to spin the reels? And has this technology changed gambling habits? A recent study by Optimove may hold the answers…

The Current Market Share

According to Optimove's study,  the mobile share of all social casino games on both platforms is between 20% and 98%.

Single platform gaming preferences

65% of gamers prefer mobile platforms to the web

The average put mobile well ahead with 65% versus 35% Web. The scales are tipping even further in the mobile direction however, at an annual pace of 1.5%.

When players were asked whether they prefer mobile, web or multi-platform gaming, 96% expressed a preference for either mobile or web gaming, with just 4% enjoying a multi-platform experience.

Of that 96% that expressed a preference for one platform over another, the split was 65% in favour of mobile gaming and 35% in favour of web-based gaming.

Mobile Means Faster Gaming

Research shows that mobile players exhibit faster progress across all metrics:

  • They convert faster into paying customers.
  • They make their second payment — as well as subsequent payments  — faster.
  • They play more often.
  • They initiate more sessions each time they play.

Mobile users generally check their device 200 times daily, on average, suggesting this greater exposure to the mobile platform contributes significantly to gambling behaviours.

Mobile player conversion rates

Mobile players also appear to make their second payment considerably sooner than web players.Paying mobile players make their second payment 1.5X sooner than Web players.

On average, the time elapsed between first and second payments is 18 days for mobile players and 27 days for Web players.

After reaching the second-payment milestone, mobile players also go on to make more frequent payments.

Does More Gaming Mean Bigger Losses?

Mobile players play more often than web players, with more sessions occurring more rapidly.

Additionally, mobile players have 1.6x more game-play days than Web players, playing 4.2 days during their activity period, versus every 6.7 days for Web players.

Play Frequency

For every one of those playing days, mobile players register 1.4x more game sessions than Web players. So, not only do mobile gamers have more active play days, they play more on each of those days.

So How Has the Mobile Revolution Affected You?

Some questions to consider about the faster world of mobile gaming:

  • gambling devilAre you playing more often as a result of mobile gaming?
  • If so, are you depositing more often?
  • Are your deposits converting into withdrawals?
  • Are you enjoying your gaming as much as you used to?

Some Final Words


The world of mobile gaming is faster and more furious than ever before, with the vast majority of software providers now catering their games specifically to mobile platforms.

But if mobile gaming is causing you to invest more often, perhaps your strategy needs to change a little in response.

Depositing smaller amounts and setting spending limits or cool off periods can help you to keep a handle on your funds, and will make those wins all the sweeter.

If you feel like gambling is becoming less a luxury and more of a necessity check out our self-exclusion guide.

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