Mobile Payments at Mobile Casinos: The Droid Slots Show Ep. 6

The Droid Slots Show is a monthly video series, which covers the latest mobile casino news and promotions, as well as casino reviews. Follow along for handy gaming tips and exclusive gameplay footage…
In our latest episode, Hannah explores the world of mobile payments. We've come a long way since the days where we'd purchase online with trepidation, and now more and more of us are using our mobiles as a way of making a payment. With the release of Apple Pay in UK this month, Hannah looks to the future and we speculate how all this could affect mobile players. Let's get watching…

Video Transcript

Welcome to episode six of the Droid Slots show. Since the last time we saw you, lots of new casinos have opened and many new games were released, and you can read all about them on Droid Slots. This time, however, we’d like to talk about a huge part of the remote gambling industry which is a little less glamorous, but no less important: mobile payments. Already simple and convenient, mobile payments are the best way to deposit when playing at mobile casinos, with the technology evolving and new methods emerging all the time. Eager to find out more? Stay tuned! Online Shopping: A History


Mobile Payments Give Players a Great Range of Depositing Options

Do you remember the days when you would hesitate to use your credit card online, thinking that someone would steal your account details and take all of your money? Fast forward less than a decade and buying things online comes as naturally to most of us as visiting the high street. But it’s not just on our desktops that we do our shopping now, as people are increasingly using their mobile phones to purchase anything from groceries to holidays to online entertainment whilst on the go. Of course, some of the consumers who have benefited most from these advances are mobile gamblers, who now have a plethora of options for topping up their accounts easily and getting down to playing. 2015: The Year of Mobile Payments  Nearing half a trillion of pounds in transactions this year and expected to reach approximately 650 billion pounds globally by 2017, mobile payments are something that every mobile gambler is familiar with. Those who play on desktop might be afraid that mobile depositing is fiddly, complex or unsecure and might log on their desktop to deposit, but they really don’t need to worry. Mobile payments are super easy – just open up the casino cashier system, select a method of payment and deposit. You can use pretty much any credit and debit card, an e-wallet system such as Neteller or Skrill, buy prepaid cards like Paysafecard. Whichever method you use, the funds are transferred instantly, and it doesn’t cost you anything extra. Apple Pay and Google Wallet Basic Apple Pay logoThe ease and speed with which you can deposit at a casino by using your mobile has been improved upon over the years and that is great when you need some extra cash fast. Now, Apple and Google are making it easier still. Both of these IT giants have developed their own mobile payment products that enable you to make payments very easily, and at never before seen speeds. With Apple Pay and Google Wallet, your smartphone essentially becomes a credit card, an e-wallet and a prepaid card all in one. Simply wave your smartphone in a shop, similarly to a contactless payment card, and you will have paid for the goods. Both methods can also be used online, but only at select sites for now. Furthermore, Apple Pay will also charge a nominal fee for each transaction and every transaction you make is limited to £20. Google_Wallet_logoAlthough this isn’t great news – as other mobile payments are free and unlimited – the technological innovation that Apple and Google are bringing shouldn’t be underestimated. There are no news, not even rumours, yet as to which casino might be the first one to accept either Apple Pay or Google Wallet payments, but we are sure that the gambling industry will be keen to embrace the latest technological advancements in mobile payments. Until then, you might want to read up on all of the banking options that are available to you on our site, and see you at our next installment of the Droid Slots Show.


One of the very first stops you’ll make at a mobile casino is to deposit cash, and one of the last interactions you’ll ever have when you leave a casino is to withdraw the last of your winnings. At Droid Slots we understand the importance of banking at mobile casinos, and how the banking options offered by a casino can totally change your experience as a player. That’s why we present articles like this one – and many more in our dedicated Banking section – which guide you through the intricacies of managing your money, and offer advice on how to find casinos which offer banking methods to best suit your needs. It’s just one of the many ways that Droid Slots is helping improve your experience of mobile casinos, and allowing you to get on with having fun.

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