Skrill vs Paypal – A Guide For Mobile Casinos

paypal vs skrillSkrill and Paypal are the two biggest e-Wallets. Both of them are making a big push into European markets and so both are the best bets for e-Wallet depositing at mobile casinos.

To help you make the best choice possible with your e-Wallet depositing and withdrawing, we'll run you through the best and worst points about both Skrill and Paypal, to help you decide which is the e-Wallet for you.


Commission & Payments

For our first  comparison, we'll weigh the pros and cons of the commission Skrill and Paypal take when you're depositing.


  • Skrill offers more than 40 currenciesskrill currency
  • Skrill Conversion Rates are around 2- 5%
  • Under £2,000 purchases are charged 2.9% + £0.25
  • Decreases as purchases increase with 1.9% + £0.25 over £50,000
  • Charges 5% to transfer money between Skrill accounts


  • PayPal offers 22 foreign currenciespaypal global
  • Conversion rates for Paypal are about 3-5%
  • Under £1,500 purchases charge 3.4% + 20p
  • Decreases as purchases increase with 2.4% + 20p over £50,000
  • Free to transfer money between Paypal accounts

Conclusion: Skrill Wins

PayPal overall has a higher commission per transaction. It only becomes cheaper beyond £100,000 payments, which is most likely out of the realms of the regular gambler.

The conversion rates for foreign currencies differ skrill winsbetween currencies, but on the whole, for EU currencies; Skrill comes out cheaper. Skrill also has a larger number of currency choices, although Paypal will suit the needs of anyone gambling in most UK, EU and US online casinos.

Paypal offers free transactions between Paypal accounts, while Skrill charges 5%, which makes Skrill much more expensive in this situation.

Overall Skrill comes out as generally cheaper across the board with more payment options, unless you're depositing exceedingly high wagers.

Refunds & Protection

Commission isn't the be all and end all of depositing online. Protecting your money is of the utmost importance. So which e-Wallet offers the best security?


  • Allows refunds, but chargesskrill vip
  • Original transaction commissions are not reversed and you are charged an additional £0.49
  • 100% Money Protection Guarantee is only available to VIP members, so you're not completely protected until you spend a minimum of £6,000 a month through Skrill's service, to achieve Bronze VIP membership


  • Allows free refunds
  • Original percentage commission is paypal securereturned, but Paypal will keep £0.20 they took in the first transaction. You are not charged for refund itself
  • Paypal has official bank status in Luxembourg. This means Paypal can offer bank level payment protection even as an e-Wallet.

Conclusion: PayPal Wins

Paypal being officially recognized as a bank which funcpaypal winstions as an e-Wallet, puts it way ahead of Skrill in how much protection it can offer you.

Skrill charges much more for basic protection and requires high spending using its platform before you can have a complete guarantee that your money is protected. Even then, it can't offer the same protection as PayPal, which offers fraud protection and free refunds as standard.

Extra Features

Looking at the extra services which Skrill and PayPal can provide and the extra downsides this may bring.


  • skrill cardVIP membership available for high monthly spenders using Skrill: Bronze – £6,000; Silver – £15,000; Gold – £30,000; Diamond – £90,000
  • Skrill offers a debit card in Europe, so you can withdraw cash physically instantly at an ATM
  • Skrill debit card  has charges for using it, such as £1.80 wthdrawal fee for ATMs
  • After 12 months of no use, Skrill charges £1 monthly


  • paypal cardOffers debit card, but only in the US
  • Bank level protection
  • Unlimited time to leave account inactive without charges being applied

Conclusion – Draw

The inclusion of a debit card is a great feature from Skrill. They're trying very hard to impress the European market and it's paying off with features like this. It's a shame there's a charge, but it is also an optional feature. PayPal really need to bring the US features to the EU market to keep up.

skrill paypalPayPal allowing you to leave your account unused is a really nice feature. Skrill charging for not using their service is annoying, but unfortunately a standard for the e-wallet industry. PayPal's bank like approach is a great positive here.

Skrill's VIP mem
bership is a nice idea, but not really attainable for the average consumer. The entry prices are simply too high and don't reward most of their customers. PayPal's bank status has to offer protection for free that Skrill can charge for, which makes PayPal much more consumer friendly.

Overall the two e-Wallets have enough pros and cons to call this round a draw, but really it's up to you to choose what you want out of these features.


Thankfully we can skip straight to the conclusion on this one.

Conclusion – Skrill Wins

Paypal isn't a popular choice at mobile casinos. It's certainly not in the minority, but it's not well liked.

Out of our recommended mobile casinos, we skrill winshave broken down all the depositing and withdrawal methods available and the results show that Skrill is a clear winner. PayPal is available at 45% of them. Skrill on the other hand is available at 75% of our mobile casinos, which is only limited because only 75% of mobile casinos handle e-Wallets as a deposit and withdrawal method.

Every mobile casino that accepts e-Wallets also accepts Skrill. PayPal is hindered from mobile casinos as it often charges for companies to use it, something which some sellers have put up with due to its popularity.
Paradoxically, it's because PayPal offers such solid protection to refund and cancel payments, which is the reason why mobile casinos don't like it. It makes it very easy for consumers to put out indemnity claims on their money.

What should be a win for PayPal has turned into an overall win for Skrill instead when it comes to availability.

The Winner Is Skrill

It really depends on what you're looking for, but overall, Skrill offers the best value to the consumer. It is the cheapest to use and has more additional features available than PayPal, if you're able to foot out the extra cost for them.

PayPal is miles ahead in terms of customer service and protecting your money due to its position as a bank.

However, when it comes to availability and cost, that's what matters most to a majority of people depositing and withdrawing at mobile casinos. If you're a gambler, it's best to be with Skrill.

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