The Guide To Withdrawing: How To Withdraw From Your Mobile Casino

payment methodsAs we discussed in The Guide To Withdrawing: Methods of Payment, there are only a few main ways to actually withdraw from a mobile casino. Cheque, Bank transfer, eWallet and sometimes Paysafecard, are all the key ways to withdraw.

In this chapter, we will demonstrate in a step by step guide, how to withdraw from most mobile casinos, using these methods.


When You Can Withdraw

The first thing that's most important before you even start attempting to withdraw using your preferred method, is to find out whether or not you can actually do so.

Withdrawal limits

All casinos have minimum withdrawal limits, usually ranging beyond £10. If you have any less than this, you won't be able to begin the withdrawal process. This limit may increase further if you have any bonus money, such as money gained from welcome bonuses, among your total winnings.

Some casinos separate the two currencies, allowing you to withdraw in spite of having bonus money. But others don't, meaning that you'll have to comply with any wagering requirements on the account.

Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements work as a means to prevent people frowagering requirementsm effectively gaining free money from a casino. The amount of bonus money you're given often has a wagering requirement of several times its worth. What this means is, that in order to receive your bonus money, you'll have to bet x amount of that money, in order to withdraw it.

For example:

  • A casino gives you £10 free
  • Wagering requirement is 30x that
  • You'll have to play £300 into the casino, before you can get a hold of it
  • You don't have to lose the money, nor do you have to play it all at once
  • You will have to at some point have played that much money into the casino

Withdrawing Your Chequecheque

As before, cheque is becoming a rarity with many casinos. It's always best to double check that they do Cheque, before even depositing. The best place to check for this is in the casino's FAQ or even in their withdrawal section, where they should list all their available withdrawal methods.

The Process

Once you're certain they allow for cheque, then it's time to start withdrawing. A basic guideline for each casino would be:

  • Go to the withdrawal section of your casino
  • Select Cheque as your preferred withdrawal method.
  • Confirm your name and address
  • Make sure your name and address are both accurate since the cheque cannot be cashed otherwise.
  • Confirm the transaction
  • Wait for cheque to arrive (Usually 3-5 days)
  • If you have waited longer than a week, get in touch with your casino's support
  • Once your cheque has arrived, go to your bank and cash it
  • Your money should be available within 4 days from this period

Potential Issues To Look Out For

Cheques are the slowest process of all the available withdrawal method, so getting your money may take a while. There is a limit to this slow pace however. Just be aware that if your cheque has taken longer than a week to arrive then it's best to double check with your casino.

Some casinos do take an extended period of time to mail cheques, so make sure to double check their FAQ for any extenuating circumstances they may have.


eWallet is a middling presence in mobile casinos. Some casinos have forgone it completely, but in the majority of cases it will be present as an option. It's certainly more prominent than cheque is.

The Process

One you've found a casino to withdraw from via eWallet, then you're good to take the following steps:

  • Go to the withdrawal section of your casino
  • Select eWallet as a withdrawal option
  • Select your eWallet brand from the possible selection
  • Log into your eWallet, usually in another window of your browser
  • Go back to your mobile casino, usually this will happen automatically after log in
  • Confirm the transaction with your mobile casino
  • If you're using a bitcoin eWallet, the process will be exactly the same
  • Your money/bitcoin should be with you within a few hours

Potential Issues To Look Out For

Depending on what eWallet you use, you may be in for a problem. There are multiple brands out there and casinos usually only accept one or two. Primarily casinos accept Skrill and Neteller as their primary eWallets.

Paypal is often not used, usually because it gives the user a lot of power in doing indemnity claims, to return their money; bad news for a casino. If you use Paypal, you may find the odd casino who uses it, but mostly you'll be stuck with Skrill or Neteller if you want to withdraw across multiple casinos.

Different casinos have different time periods for when your money should come through. There shouldn't be any reason why it isn't instantaneous, but casinos often leave it a few hours so they can confirm the transaction. The industry standard is between 2-4 hours.

If your payment takes any longer than this, then check the casino FAQ or contact customer services as some casinos do have it last as long as a few days before the payment comes through. Check their information beforehand always, but if it's longer than 4 hours, now's the time to contact support.

Bank Transferbank cards

Bank Transfer is an option everywhere. For sheer ease and consistent availability, you should have no trouble authorising a bank transfer to most banks from your mobile casino.

The Process

Here's how:

  • Go to the withdrawal section of your casino
  • Select Bank Transfer as an option
  • A – Select your details from the pre saved details you added when depositing
  • B – Input your bank details for the account you want the money transferred to
  • Confirm the transaction with your mobile casino
  • Your money should be with you within the day, depending on time of authorisation

Potential Issues To Look For

Bank transfers are subject to bank holidays and weekends. Bank Transfers should be as fast as eWallets, but due to banks being more regulated, your money may be slower to be deposited into your account.

If you action the withdrawal early in the morning, it may very well be in your account by the following afternoon. However, if you action it in the afternoon, it is unlikely that the money will appear in your account until the beginning of the following day.

If you action it across a weekend or a bank holiday, your money won't be coming to you for several days, so be aware of when you're withdrawing your money if you want it quickly.

If your money has taken longer than a day without any of these extenuating circumstances, then as always it's best to check the casino FAQ or ask customer service if they have a delayed period before the transaction goes through. However, any period longer than day is more than enough cause to follow up the issue with support.

Paysafecardpaysafecard logo

Paysafecard withdrawal is the rarest of the lot. Many casinos have dropped it in recent years. Many casinos will allow you to deposit with paysafecard, but then only withdraw via bank transfer or some other method. Be sure they actually allow withdrawal on top of depositing, or else you could find yourself in a bit of a situation.

The Process

If they do offer it as an option, here's how you use it:

  • Go to the withdrawal section of your casino
  • Select Paysafecard as an option
  • A – Confirm your email address (the one you signed up with) with your casino
  • B – Confirm your mobile number (the one you signed up with) with your casino
  • You will then be emailed/texted a 16 digit Paysafecard voucher
  • Go to your own separate Paysafecard account and type this 16 digit code in
  • Your money should now instantly be available for your Paysafecard

Potential Issues To Look Out For

Paysafecard isn't popular with casinos due to how easily money can be intercepted with it. As soon as your 16 digit cpaysafecard voucherode has been used, it's gone. Ways to avoid this being an issue are to make doubly sure that it is being sent to the correct email address. Unlike a bank, you can't indemnity claim money transferred via Paysafecard, so make sure it reaches you.

Always check the FAQ, but your email should arrive pretty quickly. If it isn't there within a few hours then make sure to contact customer services as soon as, since money in the form of a Paysafecard is very vulnerable. This is the reason why most casinos don't like using it.

Additionally, double check how much the code is for. If the code is for less than your withdrawal amount, then contact the casino immediately to resolve the issue.

The Golden Rules

golden ruleWithdrawing is very straightforward once you get into the swing of it. The key rules to remember work across all your withdrawal methods and should get you through most, if not all your issues.

  • Double check your withdrawal method is definitely available and not simply a depositing option
  • Check the casino's FAQ before doing anything
  • Confirm your details are correct
  • After 24 hours is a reasonable time to follow up any delayed payments
  • Don't be afraid to follow up anything with customer service.

Remember, at the end of the day “IT'S YOUR MONEY”. Treat it as cautiously as you usually would and never be afraid to ask the casino for help as the rules and regulations are subject to change for each establishment.

Happy withdrawing.

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