How Spin Genie Is Innovating The Future of Gamification In Gambling

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We've praised Spin Genie a lot and it's not hard to see why. From its range of games and easy payments, it's a great place to play. But there is one thing that Spin Genie is doing that few others on the market seem to have caught on to. That's the fact that its website has transformed itself into a  fully fledged game in its own right.

It's one continuous experience that you can play at home or on the go. And the best part is you never have to stop playing. It's a game within a game. The convenience is great in and of itself, but what makes the game truly impressive is how Spin Genie tailors your experience for you.


Previously, we've talked to an extent about Spin Genie's successes with gamification. We've already reviewed its own built in game, Spin Genie Adventures. But there's a lot more to this than meets the eye.

For those of you who might not know, gamification is the process of giving things that are traditionally not games, game like mechanics in order to achieve goals. This could be as simple as saying to yourself that you can have sponge cake if you sign up for that gym membership or go on holiday if you get a promotion.

Discover how Spin Genie works for yourself

Player Rewards

It's a simple system of adding a reward scheme in order to make the experience more interesting and progressive. Most, if not all successful casinos, have a customer reward scheme. After all, casinos have to reward the loyalty of their customers if they want to show them that they care about their experience; and customers have grown to expect this.

Spin Genie has crafted much more than just a game into its site. It's crafted an entire player reward scheme into the fabric of the site itself. While most player reward schemes would simply focus on the promotions they offer or simply allowing you to join a VIP version of the site, Spin genie offers a lot more than that.

Tracking Your Data

Its secret is in how it tracks user data. Data security and privacy has been a hot topic as of late, so it's nice to see it being put to good use.

Because it can track the data and usage of every individual member, Spin Genie can avoid a few problems that persist on other sites. Whereas, other sites can only offer set promotions and bonuses for all of their members, Spin Genie is able to tailor its reward scheme to each individual.

Spin Genie wager

Rewards can be set out at intervals to reflect how much a user is utilising the site. If for instance, they've spent £50 in the last month, Spin Genie records that data and upgrades you to be able to receive certain bonuses, such as new levels of their adventure game or free spins and deposit matches.

The End of The VIP?

Most gambling sites have to be very black and white in this instance. Because they don't track how much you've spent, the only method of telling if you're a loyal customer is dependant on if you are part of their VIP club or not.

Most sites have a version of this. Loyal customers can pay a one off, or subscription fee to get perks for being loyal members. But this often puts a lot of people off because they don't want to be tied to a single site and instead want fluidity with which sites they use.

It's also a strange presumption that a loyal customer has to be part of the VIP club. Even if one customer plays on their site for many years, investing a lot of money and many hours; they wouldn't be deemed as important or beneficial as a new member who had laid down the cost of the VIP treatment. Even though the numbers would show otherwise.

The New Way To Reward

Spin Genie is able to track this data in real time and let you know how much you're entitled to as a user. When you make a deposit, Spin Genie recognises that you've done so and can offer you a bonus such as doubling your deposit.

This continues ospin the dogutside of just depositing money. If a player gets a certain number of bonuses from a slots game, Spin Genie can track this information and give you extra bonuses such as free spins. If they want to advertise specific new games, such as their recently added Slingo, they can reward players for playing that game and even give them bonuses in it.

The good thing about this is that it's completely optional. If you just want your £10 free starter bet to give the site a go and then decide to stop, then it won't affect your time at all. But if you invest time in the site a little more, you'll start to see the rewards.

Even a casual player might stumble across a reward or two whilst sporadically using the site, something that they would never hope to get elsewhere.

The Not So Much End of The VIP

This isn't to say the problem is completely fixed. Old consumer habits never die hard and because of that there is still a VIP version of Spin Genie. It adds a lot more detailed data on your play, as well as increased rewards and large scale prizes such as holidays. It's a shame that such a system couldn't have remained equal across the board, but their data tracking and personalisation carries across into their VIP version, so at least the interest in personalisation is still present.

Spin Genie: The Menu: The Game

This may sound complicated, but it's all been very tightly designed to be simple to understand at even a glance. The people at Spin Genie have managed to effortlessly portray all the information you need in a simple visual that pulls off looking good too.

The simple image of Spin flyingSpin Genie Prizes around on a magic carpet is all that was needed to visualise this system.

Spin's journey across the desert tracks the bonuses you've unlocked across each island. The first stop is a bonus game, then onto the next stop which is £1 in bonus funds. The more you play, the more you unlock. At each interval the game will let you know the requirements of how to reach the next area.

There's more than just this one island:

  • There's actually 5 islands in total, each with 5 separate areas and unlocks.
  • The bar at the top tracks how many islands you will have access to.
  • The bonus islands are unlocked by playing games, getting bonuses and betting.
  • Once one island is conquered, you move onto the next.

It's expected that as you complete the islands, more will be added in the future, so your enjoyment never has to be impeded.


That isn't to say that there aren't other casinos trying this method. Casumo is the most prominent alternative to Spin Genie that we've found.

Casumo LogoOne thing Casumo does very well, is by pushing its gamification element very clearly from the get go. Spin Genie is clearly a gamified site once you enter it, but its sign up process doesn't draw attention to the fact it relies so heavily on personalisation and data tracking in its model. Once you sign up, then that point becomes abundantly clear, so it's strange that Spin Genie doesn't tout it more.

This is most certainly a problem for new users who might not be aware of how heavily Spin Genie relies on gamification, which is for either the best or worst, depending on how interested you are in that. Though this isn't strictly an issue since you can ignore the features if you so wish.

However, advertising is only half the picture and aside from an initially vague sign up, Spin Genie has a lot of factors on its side when it comes to daily usage. We'll break the pros and cons of each system into some categories, so you can get a feel of how each one functions.


  • Spin Genie gives you free spins to try out its gamification elements before depositing.
  • Casumo requires you to deposit in order to try out these elements.
  • Casumo has better early reward unlocks, but requires you to deposit more to receive them.
  • Casumo has a trophies system which allows for more things to unlock, but these unlocks don't change the player experience.


  • Spin Genie keeps all its features to the homepage.
  • Casumo separates its feature across several different windows.
  • Spin Genie visualises your progress so you know how much more you need to do, in order to upgrade to the next level.
  • Casumo has a similar ranking system, but doesn't make it clear when you will upgrade.


  • Spin Genie has a built in game on top of its reward unlocks.
  • Casumo only has reward unlocks, but it does also have a trophy system.

At the end of it all, the real decision you will have to make is what you value. In terms of content Casumo has a greater variety of unlocks, but these amount to mostly trophies that offer no player rewards outside of themselves. Spin Genie has less unlocks but does come with an inbuilt game.

Casumo has a more minimalist layout, which is sleeker, but gives less information than Spin Genie's Island visualisation.

Personally, we'd be going with Spin Genie on this one simply because we value the content of a game that plays differently to the slot and casino games. Also, knowing how far you have to go before your next unlock is a nice incentive to keep playing.

It's never been so enjoyable to be on a menu. Now instead of wanting to rush to the next slot, it's a pleasure to return back to the main hub, check your stats and see what you can do to progress.

You can do this by accident, or you can involve yourself to reach further goals. It's more fun, more of the time.

And that is the power of gamification. With Spin Genie at the forefront.

Discover how Spin Genie works for yourself

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